S#@t My Fiance Says: I'm Worried He Can't Read

I love Mr. T.  So much. He's amazing and puts up with me. But that man says some really crazy stuff sometimes. And while 'm not quite sure if it's that unusual (everybody's fiance does that, right?), I've found myself wondering what the heck he's thinking and where this stuff comes from on many occasions.  So, one day, I thought it would be genius to share it with a little something I'd like to call S#@t My Fiance Says. (And I promise he's totally OK with it. I asked him. At least 100 times.) Sub A while back, Mr. T went to get some lunch for us from Subway. This would be the day after we fought about what to have for lunch (yeah, apparently what's what we do now).

I wrote exactly what I wanted on a sheet of paper. (Go ahead and read it carefully)



He left. With note in hand.

A few minutes later he sent me a text that read, "you want it toasted, right?"

Not Toasted

Seriously. S%#& my fiance says.