I'm Spending Christmas in a Dorm Room (So 12 Days of Christmas DIY is Ending Early)

merry dorm room christmas

I'm not sure exactly how to start this post so I'm just going to jump in. Every time I tried to start writing it just sounded so dramatic. I'm cancelling 12 Days of Christmas DIY early this year. I had good intentions with this series. I truly did. I started it last year and it was so much fun. I was hesitant this year because there was so much going on. Much of which I haven't even shared on this blog (see, dramatic). But I really love it and Mr. T encouraged me to do it. So I decided to go ahead with it.

But that was all before my current state -- staying in a dorm room with Mr. T and our pup while our stuff is scattered throughout various storage places.

My plan was to get everything all set and ready to go way ahead of time. That way when the crazy started I could still go ahead with the series. But that didn't work. So I've been trying really hard to keep it going. But yesterday I realized that all I'm really doing is pushing out content. I feel bad because I don't feel like it's my best work and I haven't even included any of my own DIYs (I honestly don't even know how I would attempt to do some DIY in a dorm room).

And after thinking about it, I realized that's definitely not something I want to do. Pushing out content totally goes against my policy as a blogger. I've always felt it was more important to have a few posts that I really put my heart and soul into rather than a million posts that I just threw together. So, instead of just than continuing to plow through and feeling like all I'm doing is fluff, I'm just going to end the series early.

See what I mean? It all sounds dramatic. But it's not. I mean it was. But it's not. And it's for a really good reason. A reason that I can officially talk about!

We officially bought a house, you guys! I still feel a little weird writing that because my brain hasn't fully caught on to the fact that it's true.

And while this news is so freaking exciting, it's been one wild ride.

We started looking back in early fall. We found one we loved. It was one of the first houses we looked at. A house that was actually picked by our realtor. When we looked at it something just felt so cozy about it. It felt like home to me and I really felt it was the house for us. Mr. T felt the same way, but in true Mr. T fashion he didn't want to jump the gun.

We looked at some more, but none of them held a candle to the one we fell in love with. So we made an offer and it was almost immediately accepted. We were thrilled. I swear Mr. T cried when he heard the news, but he says he didn't and I will believe him.

We started the mortgage process and things were going good. It looked like we were set to close within the time frame. Until the rug was totally pulled out from under us. We hit a little snag with Mr. T's pesky student loans since he's still working on his PhD. We went from smooth sailing to whatever is the total opposite almost over night. It literally took about three weeks or more to smooth out. There was actually a time when we weren't even sure if we were going to get the house. To say it consumed our lives is a total understatement.

If that wasn't enough, we also had to be out of the place we were living in with mama C on December 19 -- the day after the original day we were supposed to take ownership of the house. We tried to extend the date, but we weren't able to.

So there we were. Two-three weeks before we have to move out of our current place and with potentially no place to move into. I was frantic. I started looking into other options. You know, get a backup plan. But there wasn't a ton since we have mama C and her dog plus Mr. T and me and our pup. That's not a small order. And Rensselaer is a really small town.

Cue lots of crying and hyperventilating.

I also started the hunt to figure out where we were going to stay. And that just made the whole situation worse. Frankly, the idea of staying in a little hotel room with Mr. T, mama C, and two pups for a potentially long time kind of made my head explode. There would be so much murdering happening. And what would we do about food? The costs started to add up and it would take away so much of the money we saved for our home.

Cue some additional crying and hyperventilating. And cursing. Lots and lots of cursing.

Eventually things started to turn and it started to look good for the house. We didn't have any dates or anything, but getting the house was the most important thing. Mr. T arranged for us to stay on campus and mama C made arrangements with my bro. So we wouldn't be homeless and no murdering would be involved.

We moved out of our place last Saturday and even though it looked really good, things were still kind of in the air with the house. Somehow, in some sort of Christmas miracle we officially closed on the house Monday afternoon. We still don't know when we can officially move in though which means we're totally spending Christmas in a dorm. But we don't really have a bad set up here and my little crafty self has made it feel kinda homey in here. And we're getting the house so I feel pretty good about the rest.

And that brings us to today -- Christmas Eve. And we're still in the dorm room. When I said that I was excited for new holiday traditions with Mr. T this isn't what I had in mind. But we have a bed, a little sitting area with a TV from 1994, a decent fridge, our own bathroom, and a microwave. And Christmas movies. Later on we're going to grab some yummy food from a restaurant we love and probably spend our life's fortune in cheese to eat tomorrow. So I'm pretty excited. This will definitely be a Christmas to remember.

Next year though. Next year I'm going all out for Christmas, you guys. Like Clark Griswold all out (and if you don't get that reference, I don't want to know you).