Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue

One wedding tradition I totally stood behind when I married Mr. T was the whole something new, something old, something borrowed, and something blue. I have no idea why, but I genuinely thought there was no way I could get married without it. It was like I was tempting the wedding/marriage gods or something. Here's what I chose for my something old, something new, something borrow, something blue.

My bouquet

Something old

This was really hard for me. When I lived in Indianapolis, my apartment was broken into. They took several pieces of jewelry including everything I received when my grandma died. I was sad because it would have been so amazing to wear something of hers on the day I married Mr. T. But, I did have this pretty pin that my mom had made out of a cameo that belonged to my great grandma. I decided to use that, but had no idea how.

At first I was going to use it in my hair piece, but then I was afraid it would fall off.

Then, I can't remember who, but someone suggested using it in my bouquet. Genius! So we attached it to the burlap wrap around my bouquet.

Something new

Obviously, my dress. Isn't that what everyone does? I'm so unoriginal sometimes. But man I loved that thing. More than I ever thought I would. I totally wasn't into the dress thing at all and didn't even think I would wear white.

Something borrowed

I decided to borrow some type of jewelry from my sister. Since I found a necklace on Etsy that I loved (with matching bracelets for my bridesmaids and matron of honor) we thought earrings would work well. The only issue? My sister didn't have any pearls and that's what matched my necklace. So, she actually ended up buying some pretty pearls earrings and that's what I wore.

Something blue

I saw something on Pinterest about sewing things to the inside of your dress. So I decided I wanted a blue heart. I thought it would be perfect and would look awesome since purple and blue were our colors. My sister is awesome with sewing and volunteered to do it. She suggested that we use felt since it's extremely cheap and could possibly use scraps since we only needed a small amount. I believe it only cost me a couple of bucks for the material.

Side note: Why do I not have a picture of this?!?