Skinny Shaming. Stop It. Ok?

Photo credit: Charlotte Astrid (Flickr) This post may come across as a bit ranty, but I have a question for the world.

Why is it that we have to tear other women down in order for us to feel empowered by our own body types?

I mean, full disclaimer here, I know not all women do this so I'm not speaking to those who don't. I also know that women do this in many areas of life and maybe I'll speak on that later, but right now I want to speak about the whole body thing.

I hate phrases like "real women have curves" or "no guy wants a skinny bitch". To me these things aren't any better than talking about what's wrong with a plus size gal. And they don't make me feel any better because it's just putting someone else down and that's not OK.

Side note: why are we afraid to say things like fat chick, but skinny bitch is totally OK and totally funny?

Yes, I totally hate how harsh people are to plus size women. I even hate the term plus size. Why do we have to define ourselves like that? There's a bumper sticker that reads "no fat chicks, car will scrape" and in high school I actually had a guy point to me and then to it. Classy. It was mean and hurtful and I hate that shit. I hated the way being a big gal made me feel inside.

But you know what? I don't ever, I mean n-e-v-e-r, want anyone -- fat or skinny -- to ever feel bad about the way they look. So skinny shaming isn't right either.

There's actually a dessert shop in NYC that has a sign that reads "no skinny bitches allowed." And I had a friend who was pretty offended by it. But so many people think it's funny. So many people say skinny girls should relax. It's all in fun. But it's not funny. I mean, let's all be honest here, how is that any better than a bumper sticker telling a girl she's too fat to get in the car? It's not.

Here's the thing. Women are women. Fat, tall, skinny, short, curvy.  Real women aren't one way or the other. You're a woman and that's what makes you real. Barbies are not real women because they're plastic. Being plastic is something that doesn't make a woman real. Not having curves is not. Pretty easy to understand, right?

I'm not advocating for an unhealthy lifestyle either way -- if you're fat unhealthy or skinny unhealthy. But your body is your body. And you shouldn't feel ashamed of it. Like I said before, shame doesn't really help a whole lot.

Some women work really hard to have a skinny and fit body. Why should they feel bad about that? Why should they be made fun of? Some women also can't help how skinny they are. Sometimes it's just genetics or something else that isn't in their control.

So here's what I propose. Instead of empowering ourselves by talking bad about the so-called inferior body type, why aren't we working together to end body shaming in general? Why aren't we teaching girls and women to love themselves and to be confident in the skin they're in?

Like I said before, body shaming -- fat, skinny, whatever -- isn't OK. So let's stop it. OK?

End of rant.