Signing Off for Two Weeks: I'll Be Back As A Mrs.

Bride + GroomHoly s#@t you guys. The wedding is like 2 weeks away. I can't even. Mr. T and I are leaving for the Midwest today and then we'll work on all the finishing touches (with the help of our lovely family and friends).

I seriously can't believe it.

So, in an attempt to remain sane, I am signing off for a couple of weeks. I want to make sure I am present and taking every moment of all of this in. And, let's all be honest, y'all don't want to read two weeks of posts that start with OMG <insert amount of days left here> I can't believe it! or some other kind of gibberish because my brain can only function to think about the wedding (that would make for an awesome recipe or DIY). 

I will be back in a couple of weeks (we are honeymooning in January). With all kinds of new posts (and of course a post and some pictures about the wedding).

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And if you have any last minute advice about being a bride or a Mrs., feel free to lay it on me.