Reasons I Don't Have a Microwave

Photo credit: SportSuburban (Flickr) Here's a weird little tid bit about me -- I don't own a microwave. I haven't owned a microwave since before I moved to New York City.

And, honestly, at first it kind of freaked me out. I'd always lived in apartments that had included a microwave so I really didn't even think about it. Then I moved to Brooklyn and everything is different in Brooklyn.

I've mentioned before that I don't even have closets anywhere in my apartment so it's not really that surprising that they wouldn't give me a damn microwave. And for some reason, I just didn't ever get around to buying one (perhaps I was too busy spending my money on more important things. Ahem, beer.)

But now, almost four years later, I realize that I haven't even thought about buying one in quite some time. I don't even miss it or notice it's gone. It's weird how that happens. So here are the reasons I don't have a microwave.

I just don't care about having one anymore

Let me be clear here -- I see nothing wrong with having a microwave. I'm not against it. I mean, I will admit that I am curious exactly how safe and healthy it is. But I'm not all "it causes cancer and will kill your brain cells" (though it probably will). And that's really not why I don't have one. It just doesn't really bother me so I don't see the point in spending the money. That's also why I had my huge old school TV for the longest time too.

It takes up too much space

I've mentioned lots of times that we have a small-ish kitchen. I mean, the floor space is pretty grand. But the counter space? Not so much. A microwave is huge and it would take up an entire counter and, honestly I don't want to give up that much space. I'd rather fill the space with cute things. Like my owl cookie jar. And things that serve me better. Like my air popper.

Our electricity is, well, crazy

Honestly, I don't trust putting a microwave in our kitchen for fear that it might blow something up. When it comes to power, our apartment feels like a third world country. It went out during the summer for no reason at all and was out for days. Then it also went out just before we left for Christmas. Again, for no reason. So let's not push it here. K?

I have a stove

Call me crazy, but I have this little thing called a stove. And it works pretty well for warming things. It also does a much better job. So why bother with a microwave?

It's not really a time saver

Honestly (again), I seriously don't think it's a time saver. I think it takes just as long to "nuke" something in the microwave as it does to warm it on the stove.

It keeps me from buying crappy things like Lean Cuisines

I'm not trying to totally hate on Lean Cuisines, but I kind of do. I can eat like five of those babies and feel like I've only had a light snack. Totally not worth the time or money. And since I don't have a microwave, I'm not even tempted to bother with stuff like that. Since, you know, it takes longer to cook one of those things in the oven than it does an entire meal.

One note though. I will say I do miss it for warming up coffee. Because I'm an old man and I like to make a pot and enjoy it all the day long. And also melting cheese on a plate. Because that’s such a tasty snack. But really, that's it.