Put This On Your List: The Pickleback

attachment-523b5630e4b0763d42d553c6 Let me start by saying how strange that this post might sound. I thought it was strange when I first heard about it. Though apparently it’s a whole thing that I never knew about. And, as a lover of pickles and whiskey, I’m not sure why I never heard about it. What’s that you say? Pickles and whiskey? Yes, that’s right my friends – a little something called a pickleback.

So what exactly is a pickleback? Well, it’s basically chasing a shot of whiskey with a shot of pickle juice. And I know. I know. It sounds incredibly gross. I love pickles, but have never been a fan of the juice. I do what most people do – dump it down the drain and then recycle the jar. But apparently chasing whiskey with pickle juice does something magical.

I wasn’t a believer at first. I thought it sounded kind of weird and figured maybe it was some Brooklyn bar fad. But after trying it (and a Google search a couple of days after) I found out I was totally wrong. Though I still have no idea exactly how it all works.

I am a fan of whiskey. Jameson has always been a friend of mine. But usually after a shot of it my throat feels a little burn-ey. And after an evening out that includes more than one of those babies I tend to feel pretty awful when I go home and the following day.

Well, a couple of weeks ago while I was at a bar with Mr. T, the bartender asked me if I had ever heard about picklebacks. I had no idea what she was talking about so she explained and told me I had to try it. And, as a gal who generally believes you should try anything once, I did.

It’s weird, but something truly magical really does happen when you chase whiskey with a shot of pickle juice. I think I had three shots of whiskey that night. Immediately after the shots I didn’t have the awful burning sensation, nor did I that night or the morning after.

Seriously, picklebacks are genius. The bartender also put tabasco sauce in one of my picklebacks, but that’s a whole other thing that has nothing to do with the magical experience. It really just gives it a little kick and makes it fun.

But the moral of the story is: if you take shots of whiskey, chase them with a shot of pickle juice. You’ll thank yourself.