Put This on Your List: Pub Golf

attachment-528b9127e4b0b66670e3ecb9 My birthday was last month and as a part of the celebration Mr. T thought it would be fun to do pub golf, which is a golf themed pub crawl. And, even though I’m not a golf gal, it was seriously a blast. That’s why it definitely deserves a spot on my feature, put this on your list.

It’s pretty simple to put together. Essentially you just figure out the bars you want to go to. We did six and trust me, that’s plenty. Try to pick bars that are all close to each other. I mean, this is a pub crawl people. The bars we chose were all within a three block radius and my “local” was the last. Per Mr. T the last bar should be a place you want to hang out at for a while. I also suggest picking bars that are accepting to this kind of thing. Not all bars are into it and we don’t judge for that.

Basically each bar is a hole and what you drink there determines what score you get there. For our pub crawl, scoring went as follows:

Par 1 – Shot

Par 2 – Mixed drink

Par 3 – Liquor drink

Par 4 – Bottle of beer/American pint

Par 5 – Imperial pint

The par refers to how many drinks (or sips) it takes to finish your drink.

There’s also a time limit at each bar. We did 30 minutes. Because clearly 30 minutes is plenty of time to chug a beer.

Some holes were considered water hazards which means you cannot use the bathroom without being penalized (+1) at those holes. Other penalties include:

+1 Spilling a drink

+1 Each five minutes in excess of the 30 minute time limit per bar

+2 Falling down

+3 Breaking a glass

+3 Missing a hole

+5 Not wearing at least one item of attire of carrying a prop (we technically didn’t enforce this)

+5 Cheating

+10 Fighting

+10 Throwing up

We take this stuff very serious so in order to keep it all official, Mr. T made fancy score cards for each of us. They had all the info on it and (obviously) let you keep score.

Our friend John ended up winning. That dude chugged a beer at nearly every hole. I believe Mr. T came in second and I think I tied him (things were a little fuzzy at the end of the night).

Pub golf is perfect for birthdays, bachelor parties, and more. So give it a try next time you’re hosting a get together.