Put This on Your List: Belmont Park


This past weekend, I went to Belmont Park to celebrate Mr. T’s birthday. Minus the sunburn and the exhaustion from the heat, I had a really good time. So I’d say it’s definitely something you should put on your list.

Belmont Park is a horse-racing track/facility in Long Island. It’s a pretty quick trip from anywhere in New York City. We took the LIRR (Long Island Rail Road) from Brooklyn and it only took us about an hour. It was $14 round trip, but then you also receive a $1 off admission to the Grandstand. It’s also a pretty easy drive by car.

I also recommend paying the extra $2 to get into the clubhouse. There are seats that will keep you (mostly) out of the sun and you can also hang out indoors.

There were 11 races total. You can make a day of it and watch all the races or just catch a few. Word to the wise though – be prepared to entertain yourself a little here and there. The races are only a couple minutes long, but there’s about 30 minutes in between each race.  However, it’s kind of nice because it gives you time to bet or grab a snack/drink.

Each bet only costs a couple of dollars. You don’t have to bet on anything, but I think it makes watching the races more fun. It keeps things interesting and gives you something to cheer for (unless you lose every single race). There is a whole science to betting which I confess I am not that into. I get that the better the odds are, the better chance the horse will win.  But honestly, I bet based on the horse’s name.

The food and beverages are similar to most sporting events, though I think the prices are a little less than the ball park. I had a tasty hot dog, some of Mr. T’s pretzel, a couple of waters, a beer, and a pina colada. However, I believe you can also bring in your own stuff so I might look into that next time.

Check out the Belmont Park website for more information.