Polka Dot Nail Tutorial

I am obsessed, I mean beyond obsessed, with polka dots. I have no idea why. There's just something about them. They're fun. A little whimsical maybe. Brighten up almost any room or outfit or website. I just love them. So it's not really a shocker that one of my fave things is having polka dot nails. Patterned nails are awesome. I once painted zebra stripes on my nails. They looked pretty awesome, but my right hand wasn't that great and it took me so much time. It almost looked like a slightly drunk person did them.

So that's why I love polka dots. They give you something fun, but are also awesome if you aren't so handy with your dominant hand. And it's really easy (I promise). Here's a little polka dot nail tutorial to prove it.

Polka dot nail polish supplies


Nail polish for the base -- I recommend using white or silver or something that's really light. That way your polka dots will really pop. The tutorial I am showing you is actually from Valentine's Day which is why my nails are red.

Nail polish colors for the polka dots -- I say colors because I think it's really cool when you use a bunch of colors. But you can just use one if you want. If you're using multiples, make sure that you don't pick colors that are too close together because then it just ends up looking like a crazy mess.

A paper clip -- I use the big guys

Paper towel/paper of some sort -- I use it to cover my space and to also put the nail polish on so you can access it easily and not waste a ton.

Base coat & Top coat -- The base coat isn't necessary, but I like it. But you will definitely want a top coat.

What to do:

1. Paint your nails with your base color and let them dry.

You want them to fully dry otherwise you'll just end up stabbing holes in your nail polish and that's weird. Not what we're going for here, folks.

Nail polish


2. Make the dots

Basically, just take the paper clip, dip it in a color, and dot your nail. I usually put a little blob on the paper that I am working on. You don't really have to worry about the exact placement of the dots unless you're only using one color. Then just keep doing that until you feel you have enough dots. For this, I chose to do every nail different and then put a little heart on one of my nails (so corny, I know!). But obviously you can do it however you like and that's the beauty of this. Put a few on one nail, cover one nail, cover all your nails -- whatever you want.

Polka dot nails

3. Let your nails dry

Again. Seriously it's the worst. This is always the time that I have to pee or want to eat or have an itch. The struggle is real.

Polka dot nail tutorial

4. Apply top coat to your nails

Be sure you don't do this until they're dry because if you do it too soon it will smear all your hard worked polka dots. And that isn't pretty. The top coat will kind of blend it all to make it look shiny and finished. Sometimes, if you have enough polka dots, it makes your nails look kind of water colorey and that's super awesome.