Picking A Wedding Venue

attachment-52f2c137e4b0ac1389d5f276As I shared awhile back, Mr. T and I booked our venue. I'm so excited to marry him there and I think it fits us (and what we want our wedding to look and feel like) perfectly. I'm also excited for the experience we'll give to all of our friends and family.  But what I failed to mention is how stressful finding a venue can be. The location is pretty important -- it sets the tone for your wedding and in most cases it dictates when you can actually get married. So to say a lot goes into it would be a total understatement. Here are a few things to think about when choosing a place for your wedding.

Plan Ahead

It’s not only important to know what you want in a venue, but also plan to go see them. Call, email, whatever you need to do to contact the venue and be sure that someone will be there to see the place. And do this all well before the day that you want to actually start seeing places.

Figure out what you want your wedding to look and feel like before you pick a venue

Like many things in your wedding, the venue will dictate the overall feel of your wedding. If ultra-glam is your thing, you probably won't want to get hitched at the local country B&B and vice versa. You don't have to have all the décor planned, but  just know your basic scheme.

Consider all the options

Will you have a lot of out of town guests? If so, you might want to have everything at one location. Do you want to get ready on site? Do you want to have more options than on-site catering? Are you a craft DIY or do you want everything taken care of? Consider these and other questions when picking the place.

Know how many people you will be inviting

You might have a number in your head, but make sure that number matches up with the number you'll actually be inviting. 100 people seems like a lot, but might not be enough and you don't want to have to make the cut because that's what you thought the total would be.

Pay attention to details and ask questions

If a venue says that it fits 100, make sure that's 100 people seated at tables and chairs. It's totally different and if your venue fits 100 theater style, that's totally different and it won't be big enough.

Budget Budget Budget

Don't even think about looking at places that are over budget. Just don't.

Take your time

While you probably don't want to wait until a month before your date to get married, that doesn't mean you have to be impulsive. This is a wedding venue, not a pair of shoes you can just return so be sure to take the time you need to really be sure.

Go with what feels right

It's sounds totally weird (and corny), but when I stepped out of the car to look at our venue I just had this feeling about it. I knew that's where I wanted to marry Mr. T. It's kind of like that feeling you get when you find a place you really want to live , the perfect apartment, or the person you want to marry. Trust your instincts, you know what feels right to you.