New Recipe I Tried: Garlic Lime Chicken

A while back, when Mr. T and I physically went to the grocery store we found these awesome things called Saute Express. Basically they are just a piece of butter with some tasty seasonings and such mixed in there. They are super easy and make a mean piece of chicken. And, before you say anything, don't go thinking we are spoiled by ordering our groceries. Yes, there are several advantages, but it's also a necessity where we live in Brooklyn (I swear). We're about 0.7 miles from the nearest real grocery store. There are tons of bodegas and little market type things near us and an all organic grocery store, but I don't really like paying $8 for the same chicken I can get for $2.99/lb. We used to make the trek to the store. But, honestly, it was difficult. Getting there is easy, but lugging back a week's worth of groceries is a lot. Especially in the winter when it's windy and the wind chill is below zero. We started going every two weeks and then just taking a car, but that's not cost effective. Not to mention the fact that the grocery store is like 10pm on Black Friday -- everything is totally picked over and there are kids running like wild banshees. So we went back to delivery. And, well, last week they literally didn't bring half of our order. So the struggle is real over here. Why is NYC so mean?

But I digress (a little too much). Back to the Saute Express stuff. We loved them, but honestly they were kind of pricey since we have a whole cabinet full of seasonings. And it seemed a little pointless since it was basically butter and seasonings. So we wanted to try it on our own.

Well, the other day I was browsing recipes on Pinterest and I came across this one for garlic lime chicken. The ingredients and prep sounded a whole lot like our yummy Saute Express. So we made it along with our brussels sprouts. Not only was it tasty, but it was so easy. You can't beat a dinner that's flavorful and tasty and done in under 30 minutes. And it gets us away from always using the crockpot and steamer. I mean, I love those things and would totally save them first in a fire, but sometimes you just crave something different.

We basically followed the entire recipe, but we omitted the parsley flakes because we didn't have any.

Done and done.

Here's a picture of the chicken with the brussels sprouts. I am sorry it's the exact same picture from the brussels sprouts post. I apparently didn't take any of just the chicken. I was too hungry I guess. Regardless, doesn't that look so tasty?!?

Brussels sprouts