My Weekend In Photos: Volume 1

Sometimes I dine out or visit some crappy dive bar. Sometimes I grocery shop and clip coupons. Sometimes I sit on the couch with Mr. T and watch really stupid movies or the Game Show Network (don’t judge). Sometimes I drink vodka cokes out of a plastic cup. And I’ve yet to randomly run into a celebrity (except that one time I sorta hung out with Perez Hilton and Patti Stanger). So I’ve decided to document it all and share my weekend happenings. Exactly how they happen. No matter what happens. No matter how interesting or how boring. This is my life. This is my weekend in photos. Two words to sum up this weekend -- food and beer. It was an amazingly fun (and much needed) weekend with Mr. T. We also just passed the two month mark. Insert girly fearful squeal here. I'm getting married soon y'all.

Anyway, on with the photo fun.