My Latest Obsession: Kitsch'n Glam

 I love buying stuff for the home. I'd almost rather buy stuff for our pad than clothes, shoes, or makeup for me. GASP! But I've always been like that. There's just something satisfying about buying a new throw pillow or vase or placemats or anything really. I also like to make a lot of my own stuff which I will be sharing on the blog too . One thing that I've been obsessed with lately is Kitsch'n Glam.

I first discovered the brand at a store called Flirt. Mr. T and I were wandering Brooklyn and stumbled on the store so we went in to check it out. They have so much cool stuff. We found these owl mugs:


I immediately fell in love and had to buy them. They are our go to mugs in the morning and fit quite nicely with all of our other owl stuff.

Then a few weeks ago I found this makeup bag:


Again, I fell in love and had to buy it. I was looking for something small to put my makeup in but I wanted something that would look nice sitting on my dresser. This baby definitely does the trick. It's almost like a little piece of artwork.

Their website is full of lots of other fun things from aprons to oven mitts to wallets and handbags. Currently I have my eye on the owl apron. Because I don't have enough owl stuff in our apartment already.

So, if you're in need of some fun things for the home definitely check them out. And, if you're in Brooklyn, stop by Flirt to check them out in person. Other stores might carry the brand, but I have yet to find them.