My Latest Obsession: 90-Day Fiance

  I don't get that into "reality" TV because, honestly, I think most of it is annoying and a waste of time. I have a few guilty pleasures here and there (ahem, The Peoples Court) and I used to be really addicted to TLC and Bravo (until they started showing too much crap). So now I mostly stick to Food Network, GSN, and  few other shows on the regular channels.

Well, a couple of weeks ago I discovered a show called 90-Day Fiance on TLC and it totally broke all my rules about reality TV. It's seriously become my latest obsession (Mr. T is even in on it).

The show follows the lives of four women who came to the US using the K-1 visa (the 90-day fiance visa). The women came here to live with their fiances and plan their wedding. However, they have to get married within 90 days or they have to return home.

Now, I'm going to take a moment and sound a little judgey and gossipy. I will openly admit that I personally believe some of these women have ulterior motives. And it’s not just that they're coming from foreign countries to be with an American man. People do that all the time. Americans also go to other countries to marry people they love. It happens and it's no big deal. It's just, well, some of the stories seem way too fishy for me.

I will also admit that those possible ulterior motives are part of what makes the show interesting to me. But, honestly, the show is just freaking fantastic. It’s so fascinating to see what it's like to leave everything behind and immerse yourself in someone else's life. And to see all the cultural differences and watch how others adjust to and experience all the new surroundings.

So, yeah, I caved. I am obsessed and I can't help myself (don't judge). I am already excited for this weekend's episode and it's only Thursday!

If you want to see what the fuss is all about, it's definitely worth checking out. You can find it on TLC on Sundays at 10pm EST.