My Food Commandments

Photo credit: Greg Lobinski Mr. T and I had a conversation the other day.

Over the past year or so, I've gained more weight that I'd care to admit. Some of it was because of the birth control pill I was on and some of it was just laziness (and the fact that I haven't been in wedding mode). So I've been feeling kind of down on myself.

We always talk about how we need to be healthier. We need to exercise. We need to do this or that. But then usually we have a hard time actually doing something about it. I actually have no idea why this is.

So yesterday we decided enough was enough. We're both feeling heavier than we want to be. And we both love how we feel when we're putting in an effort to eat healthier and be more active. We sat down and talked about all of the issues we're having with food, being active, and so on. And then we devised a little plan, a list of rules if you will, that we plan on following. We wanted to do things that address our issues and help up with our goals, but that are also realistic. We don't want to do a fad diet or any of those crazy shake things or cut out foods altogether. We want to legitimately change our habits.

Here's what we decided. My food commandments.

  1. One pop allowed every two weeks. One pop means O-N-E. No refills allowed when going out to eat.
  2. Three snacks shall be eaten each day. One fruit & one veggie snack every day. Juice totally counts as a fruit serving, but not a snack. After dinner snack can be junky, but only in moderation. An entire cookie cake does not count as moderation. And nachos are not a snack.
  3. All snacks will be based on serving sizes.
  4. Eating out shall be done only once a week maximum. Less is OK.
  5. Junky dinners, like buffalo chicken dip, will count as eating out.
  6. When eating out, either one shared app or one shared dessert allowed. Not both. One entrée each. Sharing is still allowed.
  7. Activity must happen every day. We'll wear our FitBits and hit our step goals. To start, I have to get 5,000 steps every day & Mr. T must get 7,500. On weekends we both have to get 5,000. The goal is to gradually increase. Mr. T has to get more because he's a very animated professor.

We decided not to make this a competition because we really want to help and encourage each other.

We also decided that we need a way to hold each other accountable. So, I'm going to make a chart for each week/month so we can be sure we're doing all that we need to do.  We also decided to make consequences and rewards.


$1 of personal budget will be taken away for each rule broken. Forfeited money will then be donated at the end of the month.


$1 for a perfect week.$1 for 5,000+ extra steps a week. Money can be earned back or in addition to being most awesome at following the food commandments.

See. Simple and manageable.

I'm sure we'll tweak a few things here and there. But the goal is to turn the rules into habits so in a few months or so all of this just becomes a habit. And then maybe we'll add some more in.

What are your food rules? Make some and share them!