My Favorite Memory with My Mom

Getting ready to walk down the aisle It's time for another group post. And this time, in honor of Mother's Day, we're talking about our favorite memory with our moms. Don't forget to check out the links at the bottom of the post to see the posts from the other gals in the group. You might find another awesome blog to love.

It might sound a little weird, but my favorite with my mom was actually just a few months ago. I say it's weird because I feel like a few months isn't enough time to really classify something as a memory. It should probably be something when I was five. So maybe it's just more that it's my favorite moment or experience.

But why do we need to be so technical?

My mom walked me down the aisle when I married Mr. T and that is definitely my most favorite memory/moment/experience with her.

I don't have a relationship with my father. It's not something I broadcast, but I did talk more about it in this post over here. So over the years, my mom has sort of played duel parts for me. We actually used to celebrate Father's Day together just because I felt she deserved two holidays to honor how amazing she'd been to me.

I actually never really wanted a wedding and one of the reasons was because I didn't have a father to give me away. It actually kind of made me a little sad that I would never have that moment with my dad. And since I'm dramatic, I just wanted to avoid that whole thing altogether.

But then Mr. T proposed. He didn't want to elope. He really wanted a wedding (yeah, the DUDE wanted the wedding in our relationship). And I realized a wedding wasn't such a bad idea and I kind of wanted one too. Once we decided that, I immediately knew I wanted my mom to walk me down the aisle. I knew I wanted her to give me away to marry Mr. T. I wanted here to be the one there at that moment. She's always been there for every moment so it only made sense to have her be the one.

Giving me away

I know she was a little bit nervous and probably did it just for me. My mom doesn't really like to be in the spotlight. And obviously when you're walking the bride down the aisle and giving her away to her groom you kind of can't avoid being in the spotlight. But she did and I will always have that moment with her. Standing there at the doorway of that cute little bed and breakfast, waiting for our friend to open to door to cue our walk down the grassy aisle.

And I'm so happy that I have that memory with her. I will never, ever, forget it.

And now we get to give her the best Mother's Day present ever by moving in with her. I totally give the best presents.

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