Monday Inspiration: Life. Enjoy the Ride

One reason that I quit my job was the fact that I was feeling so negative and down on myself/life. I was comparing myself to everything and everyone that I thought was better and it was making me lose inspiration in everything that was important to me. I made a promise to myself when I quit that I would try my hardest to make sure that never happened again. So, instead of spending time thinking about what I could be (or what everyone else is that I'm supposedly not), I'm going to fuel that into what I'm going to be. And, each Monday I'm going to share something inspirational to start the week off right. I don't know what I will share each week. It might be a quote or a video or a fun print from Etsy. But whatever it is, it will be a reminder to be grateful, inspired, awesome, kick ass, and any other rockin' go get 'em girl type of emotion.

So here's the first. Life. Enjoy the ride.

Photo credit: Emma Sendrea (Flickr)