Love Takes Belief And Trust

Photo Credit: katieblench (Flickr) The other day Mr. T and I had a fight. It was a stupid fight. I felt overwhelmed and like he didn’t help me enough. He said he would try to do better and I asked him how I knew he would. He said there wasn't any proof, but that I would just have to trust/believe him. He obviously can't prove it until it happens.

Damn him for being so honest. He often says things like that and it's one of the things I adore about him, but sometimes I hate it too. Because in that moment I just want something other than belief. Wait and see. Believe. Trust. Blah Blah. Sometimes I wish he would just lie to me and give me some pretty little answer with sugar and frosting on top. (Not really)

But then I realized how right he is. Relationships, love, all of it takes belief and trust. Because honestly there are no guarantees. There is no proof. It's all belief and trust. And that's not the cynical gal in me talking, that's just the honest truth about life and love.

How do I know that he really loves me? How do I know that he wants to marry me? How do I know that he won't decide it's too hard to put up with my crap and leave me in five years or ten years or sooner? How do I know he won't cheat on me? How do I know that we'll always try to have each other's (and our relationship's) best interest at heart?

The list of questions is a mile long, but the answer is very short. I believe these things to be true. I trust these things to be true. So they are true. There really isn't any proof. It's all belief and trust.

And I can just as easily turn all of those questions on myself. How do I know?

It’s trust. It's faith. It's belief. It's love. And you have to have that in the other person (and in yourself) for it to work.