Live Blogging March Madness Opening Weekend

So, in my last post, I promised a little live blogging from March Madness opening weekend. There was so much basketball over the weekend that I almost don't even remember life before basketball. And I really found the most interesting things to be what the teams are wearing, what the announcers were saying, and all the talk from Mr. T. Here we go!

Friday, March 20

4:20 pm Mr. T is going on and on about rec-specs and how dudes should just go old school (instead of getting the newer ones). I think he feels slightly offended that he's the only one that still digs the old school ones.

5:17 Mr. T "I'm going to name my first born Spero"

5:35 Mr. T "Wanna knowhow to freak out a dude when you're guarding him? Pinch his ass."

5:38 Why does it feel like Mr. T is the most interesting thing about March Madness?

5:40 Wait, why is there a bag of popcorn in front of the camera?

March madness popcorn

6:31 The announcer guy: "the block was as clean as the driven snow."

6:32 The announcer guy: "you're allowed to trash talk when a guy dunks on you and you deny him at the rim."

7:07 When did Sisqo start playing for Maryland?

7:34 (Oklahoma State vs Oregon) Why are both of these teams wearing glow in the dark uniforms?

9:51 Does anyone really get that excited to watch a game at Applebee's? When did Applebee's become fun??

10:59 (Dayton vs providence) The announcer guy: "He collects buckets like I collect shoes."

11:28 (Dayton vs providence) So can we agree that Providence has the freakiest mascot? He looks like the dead people on The Ring.

11:30 (Dayton vs providence) This guy.

Photo Credit: David Jablonski, Dayton Daily News (DDN)

11:34 I really want a Kindle Fire, Dish TV, McDonalds and Zaxbys

11:35 (Dayton vs providence) The announcer guy: "One of those bodies big backside long arms."

11:36 (Dayton vs providence) The announcer guy: "He's long, big, he's explosive."

Saturday, March 21

2:24 Every time a player us interviewed I just hear "execute. 100%"

3:02 Seems like a good time to take a nap

5:36 Text from mom: "Are you cheering for Ohio state?"

6:31 Georgia State coach guy, I know you're excited and all but you need to calm down you're in a cast.

6:58 I ate a chip off the couch and Mr. T informed me that we have a whole bag.

7:23 (Ohio State vs Arizona) The announcer guy: "He was able to get the ball inside with some penetration."

9:48 (Utah vs Georgetown) Dude why do you keep pulling up your shorts to show everyone your white tights? The camera is right on you.

9:52 Man these Cadillac commercials are intense

9:56 what in the hell is Utah's mascot supposed to be?

10:11 Nice brows #32 (Notre Dame). Who did them for you?

Sunday, March 22

12:11 Hold up, MSU has a player named Lourawls?

MSU March Madness

2:22 MSU Wins. Mr. T picked Virginia. Sweet, sweet victory.

4:27 (Duke vs San Diego State) Hey #4 you made a basket. Worth two whole points. Big deal. Everyone is doing it.

4:44 There isn't enough basketball on for Mr. T so he's watching women's now.

7:43 I will not eat three cupcakes. I will not eat three cupcakes

8:17 I ate three cupcakes

8:02 (Dayton vs Oklahoma) The announcer guy: "Dayton is playing right up in his jock."

8:35ish Mr. T is done with March Madness after Dayton's loss to Oklahoma so we turn on Food Network.