Life Lately (+ A Huge Update)

It's been so long since I've blogged. So long that I almost forgot how to do it. This is seriously the longest time I've ever gone without posting. Can I even call myself a blogger anymore?

Anyway. So much has happened over the past couple of months that I thought I should check in and catch you up on everything that's been going on.

My shop has been booming.

I mean, I'm not trying to brag, but I'm pretty damn proud of myself. I've done two more Indy Urban Fleas (plus I have TWO more this year) and a huge street fair in Ohio. I can still remember when I had no sales and now I average a sale a day so that's pretty freaking fantastic.

We put our house up for sale.

I'm still not sure how I feel about it. It's like two parts excited and three parts scared out of my mind. Or something like that. Selling a house is always scary. But selling a house when the biggest employer in your town closed is beyond scary. But I'm trying to stay positive. It's also bittersweet. While I'm so excited for new beginnings and all that jazz, this was our first home (I mean, the first home we bought). We were so excited to officially move in and we had so many plans for it.

I started writing a post about it, but then life got in the way. Maybe someday I will post it.

I'm still trying to eat healthy.

And I'm still somewhat successful at it. We have been kind of relaxed about our diet because things have been so busy. But we've been working hard to keep things under control and we haven't fallen off the wagon. It kind of helps that things are so chaotic because it's helping us to figure things out when we don't have time to plan. I haven't gained any weight really so I consider that a success.

We're moving.

Don't you like how I just casually mention that? I mean, it's only the biggest news. Remember how I talked about Mr. T's school closing and how crazy and scary it all was? Well, he has accepted a new position in Michigan. It’s just for a year (right now, but fingers crossed that it could lead to more). We went up there last week and found the cutest little apartment (don't tell anyone, but I'm actually more excited about this apartment than I was about our house).

We'll be living in a small town just outside Big Rapids. But it's a HUGE change from where we are now. There's stores and restaurants and what appears to be a fairly lively downtown area. So we're pretty excited about it. And, can we just talk about how it's in Michigan? You may not know this, but Michigan is actually my home state. It's where I grew up. And it's always been my favorite Midwest state because, well, it’s gorgeous. Lakes and rivers and all of the pretty things. There's also a trail like two blocks from our apartment plus tons of other trails so that means lots of opportunities to get some exercise with the pups. I'm super excited and I think this is going to be an awesome opportunity for us.

Don't get me wrong, I'm scared. I wouldn't be Jess if I wasn't feeling some stress and anxiety. We still haven't sold the house and I can't even wrap my brain around all of that. We're downsizing. Which is something we wanted to do, but we have a couple of weeks to clean out our whole house and have a sale so that's probably a little faster than I would have thought. And we're going back to renting. With two dogs. So if you have any good vibes you could send our way, please do.

But I'm super excited for a new adventure. Through all of the chaos, Mr. T and I learned a lot about ourselves, our marriage, and what we want out of life. I think this move is more in line with what we want and I think this change is going to be so great. And, did I mention how cute our apartment is?

P.S. I' still trying to determine what to do with this blog. I LOVE writing and I want to do it more so I feel like it might turn into more of a journal kind of thing. But I'm not exactly sure if I want to do that or if anyone would even want to read it. So I hope you stick around while I figure it all out.