Let's Get Crafty: Storage Ideas For A Small Apartment

Photo credit - Kevin Prichard Photography (Flickr) Technically I live in a house now. I say technically here and I'm not sure why. I mean, we do, in fact, live in a house. It's not shared in anyway. But I think since we live with my mom and it's not really our house I feel the need to say technically.

Anyway, I live in a house now. And one of the things that I appreciate the most is the amount of storage. It's weird that we live with an additional person, but we still have way more storage than we ever had in our apartment in Brooklyn. I mentioned it 994 times before, but we had no closets there. And before I lived there, I lived in a studio apartment in Chicago. So I'm no stranger to getting crafty when it comes to storage. And I've learned a few awesome things along the way. Many of which I plan on using no matter how much storage room we have because some of them are just that awesome. Here are some storage ideas for a small apartment (and most of them are totally cheap).

Hang shelves

Trust me when I say this -- when you live in a small apartment, hanging shelves are your friend. And I know what you're thinking "won't any kind of shelves do?" No ma'am (or sir). While bookcases and other shelving systems that sit on the floor look nice, they kill your floor space and totally crowd your room. So get some shelves to hang on the wall and get crafty when you're storing things. Buy or make cute little bins to put things in. Use them for books, photo albums, or dishes. You can even use them for your booze. They're actually far more inexpensive than a huge piece of furniture anyway.

Hang something to put your silverware in

IKEA makes these handy little rods and then sells all of these neato little things that you can hand to put stuff in. We hung our silverware in these cute little silver pots. You can also hang jars on there as well. When you hang the silverware, you create more drawer space for other things.

Hang pots

Speaking of those cool little rods, they also work great for pots.

Utilize all empty space

And I mean e-v-e-r-y space. We seriously had suitcases stored behind our bedroom door and those suitcases had winter coats in them.

Use other pieces of furniture for storage

I know technically I said not to buy furniture for storage, but you do need furniture in a few places around your pad. We used a dresser as our TV stand. We needed something to put the TV on and the dresser drawers provided way more storage than most TV stands. It also looked cool. We also used an old record chest to store our gloves, scarves, (Mr. T has a million scarves, and blankets. It now houses our sweaters (multipurpose people!). Check out thrift stores for cute little pieces that you can re-purpose into something else.

Use baskets

Baskets were my friend for everything. I used them for magazines, books, and towels. I even stacked some and put mugs inside them to give us extra storage on one of our shelves. It looked super cute too.

Hang hooks on the back of every door

Hooks are great for clothes. But they're also great for mops, coats, exercise bands, and all sorts of other fun things

Move your couch out a little and put a large piece of storage furniture behind it

We bought this large crate thing at IKEA and put it behind our couch (I mentioned it in this post over here). Not only did it serve as a table to put pretty things on, but it also served as storage for all of our holiday stuff, receipts, paper, and a few other odds and ends. It was pretty awesome.