Lace & Burlap Mason Jar Candle Holders

I've mentioned 994 times (Ahem. Like, maybe, in this post) about the lace mason jar candle holders that my sister and I made for the wedding. And now is the time to actually talk about how to make those babies. I originally found the idea on Pinterest because I was looking for ideas for lighting. Our wedding venue was a bed and breakfast in the country. Which means lighting and plugs were limited. I wanted some sort of centerpiece to give the tables light, but I wanted it to match the feel of our wedding. I saw this idea and I fell in love with it. Functional, romantic, and perfectly fit our decor. And with lace and ribbon there are so many options to mix and match. Here's how to make lace and burlap candle jar holders.

What you'll need:

  • Lace, ribbon, pearls, burlap, etc. - you can get these both at your local craft/fabric store. What you choose depends on your style. I wanted them to be different so I chose a lit of different ribbons and lave patterns. Don't be afraid to shop the clearance sections either.
  • Mason jars - I purchased a variety of sizes and some jam jars as well
  • Mod Podge
  • Sponge brush
  • Tea lights - I used the battery operated tea lights for the wedding which I highly recomend if you're using them like that. But you can use regular tealights as well.

What you'll do:

1. Glue lace, ribbon, etc, on jars using Mod Podge.

2. Oh wait, that's pretty much all you need to do.

It's kind of weird to only put that as the directions, but essentially that's what you do. And since there are so many options it depends on what you choose.

But here's a few tips:

I did find that it was best to cover the jar in Mod Podge then put the lace on the jar and then cover with another coatof Mod Podge. It looked pretty and stayed in place.

Ribbon worked best by applying a layer of Mod Podge to the jar in the spot where you want the ribbon. Then place the ribbon over glue spot. Don't cover it with another layer because it looks kind of crazy.

A lot of other tutorials suggest using spray glue. We found this didn't work at all. The lace and the burlap didn't stay at all. It also peeled off the next day. Maybe we didn't do it right, but it's spray glue, how hard can it be?

And some more tips if you're using them for centerpieces or wedding related things:

Since I made so many different jars and we were using them for centerpieces and we made them months and months before the wedding, I was super strategic when I packed them. We set up a table sort of like the how the tables would look at the wedding so we could play around with what jars looked best. Then we wrote numbers on little strips of paper (for the table numbers) and placed them in the jar. Then on the morning of the wedding, all we had to do was put the jars with the same number on each table. Trust me, it was a total time saver.

We actually ended up with too many since we ended up with a couple less tables than what we originally planned for. So we used the rest for the head table and it looked amazing. I think they would look beautiful on long tables as well. They worked wonderfully for light and made everything all glowy and romantic.

And the best part is, now I have pretty jars to use around the house as decor. Which makes them extremely smart and economical too. And, trust me, I use them everywhere.