I'm Not on Diet

Since starting this whole path to a healthier me, I've been working to strip the word diet from my vocabulary. Why? Well, simply, I'm not on a diet. I'm just not.

To me, a diet is something that's solely used to lose weight. It's short term rather than long term. And often a drastic change or a combination of several drastic changes.

Now, let me be clear here that I don't find anything wrong with diets. I think they work for some people. And I think it's great if they do. But I think it's important to keep your overall goals and needs in mind when deciding on a food or workout plan.

And for me, a diet just doesn't match my goals and needs. I want to be healthy. And I want something that I can do long term. Not just for a few months or a year or whatever.

I want to lose weight, don't get me wrong. But I also want to be a happier, healthier me. For me, this is a whole package thing. It's something I want to do long term. It's something that I want to still be doing 10, 15, or even 20 years down the road.

I've tried diets before. Many of them. I did the cabbage soup diet. I've tried those that are low in carbs. I've done stuff from an actual nutritionist. I was successful in losing weight with every single one of those diets.

But look at me now. Here I am, years later still struggling and having such an unhealthy relationship with food. And I've gained back all of the weight I've ever lost, plus some more.

The reason? All of those diets just aren't sustainable. I'm human. I'm going to have cravings and make mistakes and want to fall of the wagon. I may even fall off of it somethings. AndI find that diets just don't give me the tools I need to handle all of that.

I want things to be different this time so I'm approaching this time differently. I'm not on a diet. I may not have it all figured out and this plan might not be perfect. It might not work and I might still fall off the wagon. But I'm focused and working hard. I'm working to learn more about food. To learn more about exercise. To learn more about myself. To have a better relationship with food and with myself. Those are the things that are important to me. Those are my goals.

So, no, I am not on a diet.