I'm Back and (Almost) Settled

So we're here. In Mishawaka, Indiana. We've been here for almost two weeks. And I've really missed you guys. Sorry it took so long, but moving is hard. I almost think it's harder when you're moving into an already furnished place. Silly me thought it would be easier. My shop/craft room/office is still in need of some massive organization. I cannot wait to have it all settled. I have more room here to work and I am thrilled.

But I'm back to blogging. And wanted to share a few things that we've been up to these past couple of weeks.

new puppy

A very blurry picture. She kept trying to lick the phone every time I tried to take her picture.

We bought a puppy.

Her name is Brooklyn (we called her BK). We actually wanted a boy, but fell in love with her. I die daily over her cuteness. And I am not even kidding when I say this was the first thing we did. We took the car back, went to breakfast, then bought a puppy. Priorities you guys.

We planted a garden.

The jury is still out on whether or not either of us has a green thumb, but I'm really excited. We learned all kinds of things. Like how to use a tiller, how to kill ants, and what to do when something is eating your lettuce. We'll have vegetables in a couple of months (at least that's what the tags say). I was also reminded that I don't live in NYC anymore and the sun is a bitch.

Mr. T's family came for a visit and we saw my nephew graduate the sixth grade.

This is one of the best parts. Mr. T's family was able to come for a weekend. We spent time with them and showed them around and it wasn't nearly as hard to say goodbye to them since we'll see them in a few weeks. And seeing my nephew all grown up in his graduation was awesome. He was so excited and even wore a bow tie like Mr. T.
farmers market

We discovered the farmer's market.

It is the most amazing place. It's HUGE. There's all kinds of things there. We bought coffee and a spice rub. And apple butter. And salsa. And the tastiest lettuce ever. I am really looking forward to having it nearby so we can visit every couple of weeks.

We got a Lowe's card.

To me, that's the epitome of grown-upness.
So it's so far so good here (so far). I've tried to calm my overwhelming moments and we're getting back on schedule which is really nice. I haven't even hid under the covers once. Though I do expect that will happen plenty of times.
date night
It feels good to be back. Good to be around or families. And good lord it's so nice to have a car to buy things. Groceries were like a summer breeze. And the prices of things. Seriously you guys. We went out for a dinner and only paid $50. That was for appetizers, main dishes, drinks, and dessert.