I’m A Top 100 Blogger and You Should Get Tested for STDs

top 100Those are two things I didn’t know would ever go together.

So I have some news of sorts. And, no it’s not about the wedding or sappy love stuff (though there will be lots more of that I assure you).

I received an email today that told me I am a top blogger. What kind of top blogger you ask? Well, one of getSTDtested.com’s 2013 Top 100 Sex, Love and Dating Blogs. I confess, I didn’t know that was a thing but I am beyond honored and flattered.

I appreciate that it’s sex, love, and dating blogs. While I’m technically not a dating blogger anymore, I worked really hard when I was (and I’s working really hard on making this blog equally great) so it’s nice to be recognized for both. And, I technically blog about love so I’d say I totally fit in there.

Anyway, I’m babbling. But I wanted to write about it because a) it’s pretty awesome and b) they are offering my readers something equally awesome. Because of the open and honest way that I have approached sex, they’re offering all of my readers a unique coupon code for $25 off all STD and HIV testing. Just go to getSTDtested.com and then enter code LASTCALL at checkout for instant savings.

Pretty cool right?

So thanks getSTDtested.com for making my whole day and for hopefully helping out some of my readers as well.