I Don't Want Kids (Holl & Lane Issue 9)

Today is a happy day, you guys. Because it's launch day over at Holl & Lane Mag. And I love launch day.

I swear, I think I say that every single issue is my favorite issue and this one is no different. There are so many articles filled with honesty and so many other emotions. This magazine is seriously like no other.

There's also an article by yours truly. It's an article that I was a little nervous to write (and am still nervous to have people read). But that's about a topic that I think is so important - our decision to not have children.

This is a topic that I don't think is talked about enough. I think a lot of people are afraid to admit it. Because there's so many misconceptions attached to it.

So I chose to share my story with Holl & Lane. And here's a little exceprt:

So the question is why. Why don't we want to have kids? And, even though sometimes I wish I didn't have to answer it, I do genuinely understand the question. It's a big decision. Maybe even a little strange. It's a choice that a lot of people don't make. I don't want to say it's rare, because I believe there are plenty of couples out there who choose to go through life sans children. But to me it feels pretty rare. Like I'm part of a club that I didn't know existed. Everyone I know wants kids or has kids or wishes they had kids or is trying to have kids or is planning to have kids. And I don't get asked just because I'm a woman, because, trust me, a lot of people ask my husband too.

To get the full story (plus so many other amazing stories), head to the Holl & Lane website and pick up issue 9.

And, P.S. You can also get a discount! Just use code "7B2NFH4" to get 15% off until September 30th. Plus, don't forget, $1 from each sale will also be donated to UNICEF on behalf of the H&L readers.