How to Travel With Your Significant Other

2013-08-06 18.45.48 Obviously Mr. T and I just went to London and obviously that means we spent three whole weeks together. All day. Every day. All night. Every night. In close quarters. And to say it wasn’t a little trying at times would be a total lie. We were tired and didn’t know where we were sometimes. I felt overwhelmed and yelled at him a couple of times for no reasons (Don’t say it, I can admit I was a jerk). So, here are a few of the things I learned about how to vacation with your significant other. I’m totally laminating them so I can have them next time.

Side note: I know we will be living together soon and we’ll be married so that means we’ll be together every night. But that really doesn’t worry me. I mean, technically we do that already and if you can’t spend multiple nights together you probably shouldn’t get married. Being on vacation is way different though.

  • Those who don’t plan can definitely learn a thing or two from those who do, but the planners can learn a lot from those who don’t as well. Vacation is chaotic (in a good way). And shit happens. Sometimes the phone you thought would work isn’t going to. Or the reception will be closed. You’ll figure stuff out as long as both of you stay calm and figure stuff out together.
  • My grandpa used to tell my grandma that she planned all of the fun out of everything. Don’t plan the fun out of your vacation. It’s OK to have somewhat of an outline. Figure out what you want to see and the best way to make that happen. Figure out how to get from Point A to Point B (and C and D too). But also leave a little room for all of the fun random things that can happen on vacation. Also, let yourself enjoy all of those fun, random things.
  • Like all parts of your relationship, learn the art of compromise. It’s not about him doing everything you want or you doing everything he wants. Work together to figure out what you both want to do together. This wasn't really an issue for us since I mostly played tourist by myself, but it's still an important thing to keep in mind.
  • Don’t get so wrapped up in all the mishaps that you forget about all the awesome stuff. I’m pretty sure that’s a life lesson, not just a vacation lesson.
  • Don’t be afraid to fight, but don’t pick at every little thing the other person does. Remember, you are on vacation and if you’re so wrapped up in the little annoyances then you’ll miss out on all the awesome things that are happening.
  • Don’t be afraid to spend time apart. You don’t have to take a whole day from each other, but maybe he can head down to breakfast early or you can take a nice long bath. In normal, everyday life you usually need a bit of a breather from each other so don’t be afraid to make that happen on vacation too.
  • Don’t forget how much you love each other. You’re in close quarters so you might feel like this person is getting on your nerves a little more than usual. But that doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with your relationship or that you love them any less. So maybe make an extra special day of fun – like staying in bed and ordering room service or treating yourself to a really cheesy romantic dinner – just something to bring you back into “vacation with the one I love” mode.