How to Make a Cute Little Decorative Dish (My 2nd Feature in Holl & Lane)

Finished (MI love little dishes. I have them everywhere -- the bathroom, on my dresses, on the table next to the bed, next to the kitchen sink, on my craft table. You get the idea. You just never know when you'll need a place for a ring or a little random screw you find. So I find having little dishes stashed everywhere is great. And they also serve as some awesome decor. So I shared a fun little DIY on how to make a cute little decorative dish in the second issue of Holl and Lane magazine. Check it out by clicking here. And, of course, browse the magazine while you're there. There are so many great stories, DIY ideas, and recipes.

Totally not related side note, you might also see a cute little ad for Chaotic & Collected Stationery. My first ever!