Decorate Your Walls Like A Pro: How to Hang a Picture Wall

I talked about making a picture wall over in this post and I promised to show you how easy it was to make your own. I love pictures. I mean l-o-v-e them. Especially since I live so far away from so many people that I love and adore. The problem is, however, that it's hard to put that many pictures around the apartment without it looking totally cluttered. If you hang them on every wall then it takes away from the ability to hang other artsy things. If you place them on a table then, again, you lose the space and it can make the table less functional. Well enter in the picture wall that solves all of those problems.

And I know, trust me I know. It looks like it would be really difficult to hang so many pictures all even and pretty. I mean, who has the time and patience to measure all that. And who wants to buy a bunch of tools that you'll probably never really use again? But if you eyeball it then you'll end up with a mess of 994 holes. And what do you do if you ever want to add to? Well, never fear my friends, it's actually pretty easy and I have a few little steps/tips for ya. Here's how to hang a picture wall.

What you'll need:

  • Frames you want to hang
  • Paper (you can use newspaper, scrap, plain white, notebook, whatever. Just make sure it's not the same color as your wall)
  • Marker or pen or pencil
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Hammer & nails

What you'll do:

1. Choose a wall in whatever room you're planning to hang the pictures in. I usually try to opt for a small wall so you can just kind of take over the whole thing. But if that isn't an option, choose a section of the wall. Above a piece of furniture works because it's defined by the furniture and is easy to make sense. But you can also choose a section and define it with other art or wall hangings.

2. Trace each frame on paper and put a little mark where the hanger is. I also usually make notes as to what frame or picture it is so I can easily find what frame the pattern goes to. While frames might be the same size or shape, lots of frames have different placement for the hanger on the back which causes the frames to hang differently. You'll have a hard time getting everything even and correctly placed in the end if you have no idea what frame goes where. (And that kind of defeats the purpose of this whole thing).

3. Cut out all of the frame shapes.

4. Start with the biggest frame cut out and place that on the wall. I usually aim for somewhere in the center. Then just tape the paper where you want the frame to be.

Picture Wall



5. Start filling in with the smaller frame cut outs and tape them where you want them. I usually try to alternate shapes, sizes, and so on. You can measure if you want, but I usually just eyeball it because you can easily moved things around without ruining the wall. I also make sure that all sides, top, bottom, etc. of the space end in alternating patterns (i.e. a couple hang a little lower than the rest). This usually happens naturally as you're hanging different sides, but it helps if you want to add to the wall at a later time. Stand back and admire your work. Not just because you're awesome, but because you want to make sure everything looks how you want it. Adjust anything as necessary. It's super easy since it's just taped.

6. Put a nail through each mark you made for the hanger for the frame. Don't take the paper off and don't worry, you're not permanently nailing the paper to the wall.

7. Hang each frame on each nail.

8. Pull paper off the nail. I usually wait and do this as the last step so I can be sure each frame looks the way I want it to. It's a lot easier to take the frame down and have to move the paper again ever so slightly than it is to have to move the frame.

Picture wall finished

9. Admire your awesome work because you just hung a cool picture wall that will amaze everyone you know (maybe).

Like I said, it's easy to add to if you plan to buy more frames down the line. But you can also change out the pictures. I also like to add other things, like other pieces of art or cute little sayings that are meaningful. You could do this in frames or just buy cute signs. Lots of stores have all kinds of fun things in their art sections. It just adds to the creativity and the fun of the wall. I added the states pictures I made a while back (they were originally above our bed) and then I also added the picture that Mr. T made for me as a gift for the wedding as well as our wedding sign. Then my sister gave us a couple of cute little signs for Christmas so I hung those on there as well (see picture below).