How OneNote is Saving My Life

I'm a super organizer and proud of it. I love doing it and something just feels right after I've organized a whole pile of something. But when you're a blogger/freelance writer, planning a wedding, and just naturally stress when stuff is chaotic, it's super important to stay organized. And one way that I do that is by using OneNote. I’ve tried a lot of other similar apps, but I didn’t really like any of them as much as I like OneNote. I also found that other apps charge a fee for you to use them or use certain fees. And, sorry folks, I don’t think you need to pay to organize.

Basically think of it as a whole bunch of notebooks in digital form. Then you can access those notebooks pretty much anywhere -- your phone, other computers, a tablet, etc. Currently, I have notebooks for the wedding, freelance writing/blogging, and my home life with Mr. T. So, yeah, pretty much everything. It’s saving my life. Here’s how I’m using it and a few of my favorite features.

Side Note: I am by no means a computer or OneNote expert.

For the wedding

I have everything for the wedding in this baby and I do mean everything. From links to ideas we have to the guest list to what needs to be done to any other important information. I've made a calendar for each month so I can see what I need to do on what days. What I really love is you can link things together. I have links to websites and articles. But you can also link other notebooks and files together. I can also share any notebook I want so that’s been helpful with Mr. T and the fact that we’re planning a wedding out of state.


For writing

I'm a huge fan of notebooks. I mean h-u-g-e.I've been writing for many years and I've learned that if you don't write an idea down immediately you'll forget. I literally have a notebook stashed in every room in my apartment (yes, even in the bathroom). OneNote gives me a central location for all of that. I just make notes of ideas in one of my random notebooks and then copy it to OneNote. And, my favorite part is the fact that I can just start writing out an article and I don't have to worry about where to save it (or accidentally not saving it). It's definitely been a huge time saver.


Other things I love:

Quick Notes

I often write out notes when I am reading something or I just have a piece of paper out in case I think of something random. I can have quick notes open while I’m working and then save the note (or OneNote will save it for me). It’s pretty awesome since I’m notorious for throwing away post-its before I’ve saved/used the important info.



Integration with Outlook/Tasks

I use tasks like nobody's business. But, again, it's hard having so many things in different places. With OneNote, you can turn anything into a task. So, if I don't want to forget to do something later I just put it in the notebook and turn it into a task which is added to my list with everything else. It’s also magical for to-do lists.


Sending things to OneNote

Sometimes I like to print emails or articles out so I can take notes on them. However, I find I often lose those pieces of paper (just like the post-its) or I end up having 994 papers sitting on my desk. With OneNote, you can actually send the doc to a notebook and then take notes on it. Then I’ll have the note forever, whenever I want. And I can still print it.


I could go on and on, but I think you get the idea -- it's awesome and I love it. So if you're having issues with organization, definitely check it out. And, no, Microsoft didn't pay me to write this, but they should or at least give me some discounts (hint, hint).