How I Used Paper Mache Letters to Make Kitchen Decor

Eat LettersI've seen a ton of pictures of home decor using letters and I kept being so envious because I wanted to do some of my own. I actually hung the letters we made for the wedding above our bed (I will be talking about that at a later time) but I wanted something for the living room or kitchen. I just wasn't sure what. One day, I stumbled on these cool paper mache letters on the Darby Smart website and I was all over them. I bought three of them -- E, A, T and planned to use them in the kitchen. And I have to say, this was one of the easiest projects I've done. They're so simple, but look so cool just hanging out on our shelves. It's also a super cheap project. Just sayin'.

Here's how I used paper mache letters to make kitchen decor.

Eat Letters Supplies



Craft paint in a color of your choice (I chose red, but you can choose anything or mix and match)

Paint brush

Paper mache letters in E, A,T (obviously you could use some other letters as well)

Paper (to cover your workspace)

What to do:

1. Cover your workspace.

Trust me, things will get messy.

Painting Eat Letters

2. Apply one coat of paint to letters.

I basically just did one side and then let that dry. Then I flipped it over to do the other side. You definitely want to let the coat of paint dry otherwise it will stick to the paper. Trust me when I say this. Let it dry!

Making Eat Letters

3. Let the first coat fully dry and then paint a second coat.

Again, trust me when I say this. You will want it to dry. If not it makes it all messy and uneven. I recommend a second coat to make sure that everything is covered really well and looks all bright and pretty.

Eat Letters- Finished

4. Decorate (your home).

I chose to put these on the top shelf that we have in the kitchen. I mainly did this because I have been looking for something to decorate that shelf with ever since we hung it. It would be easy to hang these letters as well (you could do something similar as what I did with the signs I made with the wood burning kit) That's part of what I love about this -- so many possibilities!