How I Organize My Fridge (AKA the post where I talk about how I'm all kinds of anal)

I am organized. Mr. T is not. And because I'm anally organized, I hate getting into the fridge and seeing it all crazy and chaotic. I promise it's not just my OCD either. It just makes it hard to find stuff. I don't know how many times I've found the butter after I bought more butter. I also do the grocery shopping so that makes it pretty important for me to know what's in the fridge and what we're out of (you know, without spending 994 hours looking through it). We also live in a small-ish apartment in Brooklyn which means we are so far from some awesome state of the art fridge. We have your basic run of the mill type deal.

But, honestly, I dig organization. It makes things easy and efficient. And it makes me happy. So even if I didn't have the additional reasoning, fridge organization would still be a must for my sanity and my relationship.

Here's how I organize my fridge.

works like a drawer the best containers

I bought these super awesome organizers from the Container Store.

They have been a life saver. So much that I want to buy more. They make it really easy to just toss things in the fridge, but still have things stay neat and in their place. It's great when multiple people use the fridge because everyone knows where everything is and where everything goes. They also create a clearly defined space for everything. Which makes me sound like a total weirdo and I am OK with that. I also like that they kind of serve as a drawer. If you need something at the back, all you have to do is pull this out and then grab it. It's so nice to not have to take everything out just to get one little thing of cottage cheese. I also make all of our snacks for the week ahead of time and then put them into the containers. It helps cut back on all of the room that's needed elsewhere and makes things easy to get to. Seriously. I love these things.

bottles in the door

I have a strict relationship with bottles.

Pretty much all of the bottles we have go in the door because I hate them on the shelves. They just fall over and leak and hide and annoy the crap out of me. I'm so into this bottle thing that I avoid buying things until we've used up some stuff. Which is probably a good thing. I mean, how many bottles of salad dressing does one person need?

Neat & Tidy Containers

I'm pretty specific about what containers I buy.

Plastic dishes and Pyrex are my friends. Really. But I try to be conscious when I'm buying things so I don't buy something that won't fit in the fridge at all. I stay away from huge ass containers. We used to have a bunch and while they were nice, they never fit in the fridge nicely so I stopped buying them. I also utilize bags like crazy.

I clean out the fridge every time we get groceries.

OK, maybe not every time, but almost. I kind of approach it the same way I do my clothes. We've started getting groceries on the weekend so when I am putting things away I go through stuff. Leftovers then turn into lunch or dinner for the next couple of days. Old produce gets juiced or thrown into a salad or something.

I try to control leftovers.

As a whole, and this isn't just for fridge organization purposes, I try to minimize the leftovers. If we have leftovers it's usually because we are eating them the next day. I find this helps because then we don't have pork chops for tomorrow plus chicken for the next day plus leftover tacos from the night before all stacked everywhere.