House Update: The Living Room Before

So we're officially starting the whole redoing the new house thing. You know. Like paint and stuff. And I'm super overwhelmed. In a (mostly) good way. I say that we're starting, though we have yet to figure anything out or purchase anything. I've been all over Pinterest lately. But, anyway, first things first let's talk about the living room before. We decided to start with the living room. I, selfishly, want to work on my craft room and I may sneak some things in. I mean, Chaotic & Collected HQ is a pretty important piece of the house, am I right?

Anyway. The living room. We're starting with that room since that's the room we'll entertain in the most so it only makes sense to do the living room before anything else. It's also the room that needs the most work so it only makes sense to start with the biggest project first, right? (Just say that's how we should do it. K? Thanks.)

So here's the living room before along with a few of the things we've already done:

living room tour- from kitchen

living room tour- picture

living room tour

living room tour- bar area

All of the furniture is staying and it's likely that the mantle will stay the same because I love it. So here are a couple of thoughts on what we want to do:

  • I swear I want to paint every room gray. But this room would look terrible that color. I'm thinking of either a) painting it a bold color or b) painting it a soft color and making one wall into a huge statement with a bold color, design, wallpaper, something.
  • There will be a chalkboard wall somewhere.
  • I have a couple of DIYs for the bar and I need to stain or paint the "bar cart".

We're shopping for stuff this weekend. I don't know if Lowe's even understands what's about to happen to them. But I'm super excited and also nervous and slightly overwhelmed.

Stay tuned for the living room after (fingers crossed it comes sooner rather than later). And if you have any ideas, please share!