House Hunting Is A Lot Like Online Dating

Photo credit: DanielSTL (Flickr) So here's a little tid bit of information that I haven't shared on the blog just yet -- Mr. T and I have started looking for houses. Like real houses. To buy. I can't believe it you guys. There is so much adulting going on that I almost don't even know us anymore.

I promise to share any good news once we have it. But I did realize something while we were looking at houses one day with our realtor. And I really wanted to write about it

House hunting is a lot like online dating. Seriously.

We pushed ourselves to get out there and look at houses no matter what. We wanted to give anything and everything a chance as long as it fit our basic needs -- 3 bedrooms, no subdivisions or cookie cutter types, at least one full bathroom, closets in the bedrooms, and, well, I think that's really it. Other than the fact that I really wanted a backyard that I could sit in sans pants and not be judged (or seen) by the neighbors. That wasn't a must have though. When you've lived in New York you learn to be a whole lot less picky. We also didn't mind doing some work   as long as it's move in ready since that's kind of a must for us at this time in our life (we'd love to renovate someday).

We were pleasantly surprised.

In our visits, there were houses that we thought we would love. We loved the location, the pretty pictures, and all of the things listed about the house. But we ended up hating the houses once we actually saw them.

There were also houses that we thought we'd hate. Some that we even passed up, but that our realtor suggested we just check out. And those were the ones we actually liked better in person.

We loved pieces of certain houses, but didn't love all of them so we had to pass. And ultimately, as our realtor reiterated over and over to us, you have to base it on a feeling you have. It has to feel like home. And you just have that feeling when you walk into certain places.

My best advice to anyone looking for a house is the same advice I gave people when I was online dating (and writing about online dating).

Keep an open mind

Like I said, there were houses we thought we'd love and those we thought we wouldn't. You just never know what you'll think about something in person and a lot of it depends on the pictures. So don't be all judgey. Get in there and look at the house.

Don't force anything

This is a huge decision. It's so different from renting. You won't be able to just pick a new place a year or so down the road. So make sure that you find a place you really love or a place that you can make into something you really love.

Have fun with it

Honestly, looking at houses is fun. And whether you like it or not, this whole thing is a process. So instead of being grumpy about it, just enjoy it and have some fun with it. (Fingers crossed that I can continue to apply this one.)

So there you have it. Online dating. Looking for a house. So many similarities.