Holiday Traditions Are The Best

union square holiday market I love Christmas and sorry I'm not sorry that this isn't the last time you'll hear me say this on the blog. So it seems only fitting to chat about holiday traditions on the blog. This is actually part of a group post. Hopefully you remember me mentioning the awesome group of gals I've joined up with. Some of them have written about their traditions too. So be sure to check out the links after this post.

As I sat down to write this post I felt a little nostalgic. And, well, a little sad.

This year I'm not really doing any holiday traditions (just ye)t. Things are up in the air with the whole house thing and everything's crazy. I will share more about that later (once I know what's going on and actually feel like there's something to share). But, needless to say, the holidays are bumming me out this year.

But I still love them and no matter what traditions I can or can't do, I'm still going to soak up all the Christmas cheer and be content with everything I do have. I mean, it could be so much worse, right?

Anyway. I digress.

In my opinion, holiday traditions are the best. They're what make Christmas, well, Christmas.

From going to the zoo lights with my mom and sister. To Christmas dinner with my family. To helping my mom put up her little village. I was the best at that. I would always stack the styrofoam so it would look like mountains of snow. And I also had some story about all of the houses. It was like a legit Christmas town.

I love those memories. And I'm hoping to continue with them more since I'm back in the Midwest now. Being in NYC was hard.

I also have some traditions with Mr. T. And I actually don't even know if we'll continue our traditions or not since most of them were because of NYC.

I had my first Christmas with Mr. T three years ago. We had only been dating a few months and weren't into the love stage yet. We didn't want to spend a ton of money on each other because we had to travel back to the Midwest and had large families. So Mr. T suggested we go to the Union Square Market. We met there, walked around for a bit, and then separated to buy each other gifts. Then we wandered to a little bar nearby and exchanged them. It was one of the most adorable experiences that I had ever had with a guy. It was so creative and made me feel cared for.

Little did we know that we would actually drive back to the Midwest together and end up meeting each other's entire family that Christmas. And we also didn't know that we would continue that tradition every year until we left NYC. It's something that I will miss dearly about that city.

We've thrown in some other things through the years. One year we did stocking gifts up until the day we left for Christmas with our families. Last year we spent an absurd amount of money of cheese and then ate it while we watched movies and exchanged presents.

And then I also have my own little traditions. Like watching all of the Christmas movies. On repeat. Every. Single. Day. Most of my own traditions are listed over in this post.

I'm also excited about making new traditions with Mr. T and with our families. I'm excited about the idea of waking up in my own home on Christmas morning. Something I've never done in my adult life.

Traditions mean a lot. Even if you don't do them every year or even if you find new traditions,. Even if they might seem like the smallest, simplest, silliest little things. They mean so much and make such wonderful memories.

So now I'm going to go make some mint cocoa and watch Elf and cry at the end.

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