Hire a Social Media Concierge for Your Wedding (Really, It's a Thing Now)

attachment-53320285e4b0f313621554e6 Remember last week when I said I've seen it all? Well apparently the world wanted to call bull shit because I just saw this today. Yeah, that's right, you can pay someone to be a "social media concierge" on your wedding day.

It's a real thing, kids.

Ok, so it's probably not as ridiculous as vagina pants and that crazy Barbie thing. But still, I'd say this ranks up there on the ridiculousness scale.

Let's discuss, shall we?

First, as a gal who is six months from her nuptials, I can't imagine forking over another $3,000 for something like this. I mean, that costs more than my flowers. Hell, it costs more than my wedding dress. And I know that I am being all kinds of frugal and not getting married in NYC. But, seriously, if I have the extra cash to drop, you can bet it won't be on something like this.

Second, if you're really that worried about social media on your wedding day we might have bigger problems. I mean, can we all just talk about this for a minute. Is this really a thing now? Are we so obsessed with sharing things with the world that this could become an actual job someday? Please say it isn't so. Also please say this isn't going to become the next cool fad. I am so not on board.

I love social media. I'm a blogger. Twitter is responsible for much of my career as a blogger. It's also what helped give me the courage to move to New York (because I met so many amazing people here through Twitter).

I also find no issue with couples who blast social media on their wedding day. I've seem couples come up with some cute little hashtag and tweet to their hearts content. If that's your thing do it. There's no shame.

To be honest, I haven't decided what I'll do when my big day comes. I'm sure I will post a few things here and there. But I might just post some snaps the day after. Regardless, I'm pretty sure the world will not end because I am not able to post. I also have a feeling my followers will forgive me if my accounts are silent the day that I am pledging my love to Mr. T. Or if the only posts are "shameless selfies". (You all will forgive me, won't you?)

My point is that, in the grand scheme of things, I’m not worried enough to hire someone to do social media for my wedding day. Frankly, I find it strange and I have enough things to worry about. You know, like the fact that it's my wedding day.

Like I said, I love social media, but this is a little much don't ya think?