Healthy Tools Review: My Fitness Pal

In my quest to live a healthier life, I've tried a few tools and apps. And I've been meaning to talk about them on this blog, but I was trying to figure out exactly how. So I've decided to start a little series called Healthy Tools Review where I'll feature an app that I've tried and talk about my thoughts on it.

First up: My Fitness Pal

I've tried My Fitness Pal numerous times.

I tried it a few years ago when I was trying to make healthier changes and then again at a later time and it didn't work. But I thought I would try it again this time around since I felt like I was more serious about getting healthier.

Honestly, I feel the exact same about it. My Fitness Pal just doesn't work for me, you guys. I tried. I swear I did.

First things first, the app is super easy to use and very user friendly. And I don't think there is necessarily anything wrong with the app itself, it's just not my jam.

I actually found it a little tedious. No, I found it incredibly tedious. Entering in all of my food every single day and all of my exercise and so on and so on. Seriously tedious. And I know that makes me sound a little whiney, but when you're trying to make lifestyle changes you want things to be as simple and easy as possible.

The main problem I had with it is the fact that I cook so many things from scratch. We don't eat out a ton and when we do we don't eat at that many chains because there aren't many chains where we live (other than fast food). We also don't eat a lot of processed food. So those two things make it super hard to use apps like this.

You can input recipes, but it's so annoying. Especially because I don't really like to measure things when I cook. And since I was trying a ton of new things, it literally meant putting in two or three or sometimes even four new recipes a day. Like I said, tedious.

I also just don't feel like it really taught me anything. I've mentioned before that a huge thing for me is really learning to make better choices. And while My Fitness Pal was really good at showing me the bad choices I was making, I don't really feel like it was very good at showing me what I could do to make better choices other than just not eat that food. And, well, gee thanks Mr. Obvious.

And maybe I didn't spend enough time on the app or explore all of its features. Though in fairness, I did try it three separate times. Or maybe I'm just an old lady and don't like all of this digital crap. But, honestly, it just didn't work for me.

So there you have it, My Fitness Pal is not my jam.