Healthy Life Journal: Week 9

Week 9 is officially over, you guys. I'm down 30 pounds.

At first I didn't think that felt like that much. And bear with me here for a bit because I'm not trying to be negative. Because I am incredibly proud of myself. It's just 30 doesn't sound like a life changing number. At least not to me. But then Mr. T grabbed a weight and told me to pick it up. It was only 15 pounds and felt heavy. I lost twice that. He also handed me the dog (yeah, we're weird) and she weighs less than 30.

So basically I've lost double a weight that feels heavy and more than a dog. And that's a lot, you guys.

Sometimes I really can't believe that we're still doing this. I can't believe that we haven't just abandoned it or caved or anything.

Over the weekend we splurged a little. We checked out a new café in a nearby town on Saturday. They actually had some vegetarian options which was pretty awesome. The food was pretty good and it didn't feel terribly greasy. We also treated ourselves to a fancy coffee. Mmmm cinnamon roll latte.

Then Sunday we ordered Mexican food. It was a huge mistake. Not because we did anything bad, but honestly, I felt like crap after I ate it. That night I had terrible heartburn and I felt a little nauseous. I'm assuming it's from the greasiness of the meal. So I don't think it's worth the splurge to feel that.

I'm feeling pretty proud this week. Proud because we only had one entrée each and some chips and guac from the Mexican restaurant. We barely even ate the chips. Proud because we're really learning what should be a splurge and what's worth it and what isn't.

I'm also feeling proud because I'm starting to feel a little less guilty about the way I eat. I mean, I did ask Mr. T 994 times if we should feel guilty. But then I moved on.

We've decided to have a splurge meal once a week. With the recommendation of a friend, we're going to call it a treat meal. Not a cheat meal because then it sounds like it's something bad and I don't want to feel bad every time I allow myself to splurge.

I know that I'm not there yet, emotionally or physically, but I'm working at it. And I feel really good.

Oh and can we talk about how I'm wearing another pair of jeans that I couldn't even pull on a couple of months ago. They didn't quite fit last month when I tried them on, but now they do.

I'm feeling good you guys.

But please send prayers because we have some crazy weekends coming up - family in town, my birthday, and a huge football celebration.