Healthy Life Journal: Week 7

We've officially finished week 7, you guys.

And I know that I always start these posts like this, but every single time that I type what week it is I'm truly amazed.

I wasn't really sure what to write this week. I'm feeling really good and I haven't felt too reflective about things this week. I'm also tired because Mr. T and I stayed up way too late watching The Man in the High Castle. If you haven't checked it out, do it immediately.

Anyway. I digress.

I'm officially down 27.1 pounds. And, well, I'm pretty amazed by that too.

I can't even begin to describe how I feel. Every day I feel a little better. 

I took a self the other day and, just for fun, decided to compare it side by side with a picture of me from this summer. The picture on the left is the most recent one and the picture on the right is from our vacation in Georgia.


Mr. T and I also gave in and went to breakfast last Saturday. The food was so not worth it. And, side note, we've yet to find a really tasty breakfast place around here (other than the upscale restaurant we like). But we split an omelet and an order of french toast so kudos to us for not ordering everything off the menu. Coincidentally that's where the whole no meat thing helps. There's so much less to choose from on the menu.

I can't stop thinking about how proud I am that we're actually still doing it. I'm especially proud this week because Timehop reminded me of this post I wrote a year ago.

We pretty much abandoned those rules less than a week after we started them. But that's kind of the way that we always were. We'd get tired of how we felt and what we were eating and talk about how we wanted to change, Then we'd talk about all of the things we wanted to do or should do or could do. Then we'd set off on our well-intentioned quest to take off some pounds and be healthier.

And every single time we'd fail. Every. Single. Time.

But not this time. This time is different. And not because I'm just saying that and trying to convince myself that it's different.

And, honestly, I don't know why. I don't know if we were both just finally ready to do it. Or if maybe we finally cracked the code and found something that feels a little less complicated to do.

But whatever it is, I don't care because it's working. It really is. And I have 27.1 pounds to prove it.