Healthy Life Journal: Week 6

Week 6, you guys. I've finished week 6 of my healthy life. That means we're on week 7. That means it's almost been 2 months. 2 MONTHS.

I'm currently down 25.3 pounds.

Clothes are starting to get big. I have two comfy flannels that I bought last year. I couldn't button them fully then. I've now turned them into sleep dresses because they're too big. And they're going to be so comfy when it gets cold.

We also hosted Mama C for a little football party because she had to come pick up her holiday decorations. I decided to make a big pot of vegetarian chili, some hummus, and we cut up some cheese and had crackers. Mama C also brought a ton of fruit.

I was super nervous because we haven't had that many snacky days really and we haven't hosted that many people. And our usual menu would have been filled with buffalo chicken dip and nachos and cookies and all kinds of other crap.

But the chili was a total hit and so were the other snacks. The best part is the fact that I didn't really find myself obsessing about what I should eat or how much I should eat or what I shouldn't eat. I just ate and I listened to my body. When I felt like I had enough I stopped. I didn’t feel like I was missing out on anything because we were eating healthy snacks. And it didn't feel nearly as weird as I thought.

Also, Mr. T and I went to Cracker Barrel last week. We were going to go to Qdoba or Chipotle like usual, but it ended up taking two freaking hours for an oil change so we just wanted to grab a bite and start our trek home. I was super nervous and found myself even more overwhelmed when I was ordering.

I didn't know what was healthy and what had the most protein and what was the best option. There were so many options and I just felt so overwhelmed. I literally almost started crying in the middle of the restaurant. But Mr. T told me to calm down and to not put so much pressure on all of it.

I ended up getting a salad, baked potato, and green beans. Mr. T also shared one of his biscuits with me. I only ended up eating the salad and like half of the baked potato and I was stuffed. So, all that worrying for nothing.

I'm realizing that the changes I've been making are really helping to simplify this process. Even though I don't know all I need and want to know about food, I'm learning how to make good decisions. I'm learning a lot about portions and I'm learning how to have a much healthier relationship with food.

And most importantly, I'm learning how to listen to my body. That is probably the most wonderful feeling of all of this. It takes far less to fill me up and when I'm full I stop eating. I don't eat when I'm not hungry. I don't eat out of boredom. And if I do feel the urge to snack up I eat fruits or veggies or I chew on some gum.

I'm starting to understand that I can't control every single situation. There will be times where I won't be able to make the same healthy decisions I can at home. So instead of obsessing, I just need to make the healthiest decision I can.

I don't feel as obsessed with food anymore. And it's such a wonderful feeling.