Healthy Life Journal: Week 26

So I've finished week 26, you guys.

I think I still weigh the same, but I haven't weighed myself since last week. I really need a better system for weighing myself. I tend to do it on Monday morning, but I realized it's kind of a bad idea to do it right after the weekend. And, honestly, sometimes I just forget. But I haven't decided if that's a bad thing since I'm trying not to focus on the number on the scale. And, as we've established in my other posts, it's really bringing me down.

Mr. T and I did measure though and I've lost a total of 19 inches off of my entire body since we started this whole thing. And, well, that's pretty damn awesome. I did notice that some of my clothes are getting bigger again. I don't know if I didn't notice before because I was in a funk or if I've dropped some of those inches recently. But who cares?!

We also started working out again. We have a weight bench now which is equal parts the best and the worst. I seriously couldn’t move my arms on Thursday. But it's nice to be back into the swing of working out and I feel like it's giving us a better work out than the resistance bands.

I'm still trying to get the food thing under control. I feel like it comes and goes. Sometimes I'm super good and sometimes I'm bad. And that could just be the way it will always be.

One thing that I've mentioned before and that I continue to notice is that indulging for us is so different now. I feel like we have regular people limits instead of fat kid limits. I mean, what I consider pushing things over the edge is what used to be my normal. So that makes me super helpful for the future because at some point I'm going to need to know how to maintain everything.

So that's week 26 in a nutshell. Nothing crazy going on, but I'm feeling good you guys,