Healthy Life Journal: Week 20

So the holidays are officially over, you guys. And I've officially finished week 20. And it's the start of a new year.

I still I wish I could tell you how good I was during the whole holiday season, but we already know that was a lie. However, I was better than past years and better than I could have been so that's definitely something. And, I mean, I don't have to worry about holidays for a whole year so yay for that.

And, I need to stop focusing on that anyway.

I should probably share that even with all of the mishaps I had over the holidays, I still managed to lose two pounds since Thanksgiving. That's definitely not something to scoff at. And I don't know why I didn't lead with that.

I definitely think I need to focus more on the positive and on understanding that I'm not as bad as I was before. I think I just get so scared that I will mess this up. I get scared that I can't do it. That I won't do it. That I'm not doing it. And I think that fear just takes over. Coincidentally, focusing on the positive is something I need to do with almost every aspect of my life. So maybe as I work on that, I'll get better here too.

But no matter what I feel about the past couple of months, it's the start of a new year and I'm moving forward. I feel so incredibly excited for this year.

I'm excited to get back on track. To start planning our meals and prepping our snacks. I'm excited to try new recipes. And Mama C bought us this fancy little fruit dessert machine thing that I'm going to use every single night. It uses frozen fruit and it totally looks like Dairy Queen.

And I'm excited to start working out again. We've been so bad about it and I kind of miss it.

But more than anything, I'm just excited about the possibilities. I thought the other day about where I could be this time next year. I mean, if I lost almost 50 pounds in 6 - 7 months imagine what I can do in a whole year.

And, I know, I know. I'm totally not obsessing with the numbers. And I know that this doesn't necessarily work that way, but still, you guys, I'm so excited.