Healthy Life Journal: Week 17

So I made it through week 17, you guys. 

And let me tell you. This week was a bang. It was probably the hardest week as of yet.

First, Mr. T and I made some goodies. We tried to stick on the healthier side. But I maybe, probably (OK, I totally did) ate more than I should have over the week. And the sad thing is these were just the goodies for his family.

But it wasn't so bad. And this is the holiday season after all.

Then we went to see his family and I totally fell off the wagon. Hard.

We started out fine. We went to a cute little restaurant and they had a huge vegetarian menu. We were good.

Saturday morning we had donuts. No biggie, we've done that before. But then lunch happened. It was his family Christmas and I ate all of the desserts. I tried to be good and split a pieces of cheesecake with Mr. T but then I literally ate every other dessert. Then we went to dinner with his dad. I stuck to a bowl of soup and salad and I felt pretty good. Then we went back to his mom's where I proceeded to eat my weight in peanut brittle and peppermint bark and chex mix.

We weren't too bad on Sunday though we did go out to breakfast and indulged in a super heavy Christmas dinner.

On the way home we stopped at a gas station and they actually had some fruits and veggies so we grabbed a few for a snack.

I'm still feeling it. Both physically and mentally. We’re back on track this week and due to the weather we can’t go to Chicago this weekend so we can stay on track until we have Christmas with my family.

As bad as I was, though, I do feel good for many reasons.

1. I actually recognize that I didn't do so well with food. And I'm back on track this week. That never happened before. We'd fall off the wagon and stay off of it and then get ran over by the next wagon.

2. I'm learning so much as I go along with all of this and I don't need to dwell on the things that I can't change. I'm not saying I didn't beat myself up or feel guilty. But Mr. T and I also talked about it and realized what we need to do to be better next time around. I think that's so important - we're all human and we do stupid things. I mean, let's be honest, eating terribly isn't the worst thing anyone could do. But learning is so important and I like that we're taking things as they come, talking about them, and proceeding differently.

3. This thing will never get easy and I can never let my guard down. I think one of the biggest problems was that I thought I had shit totally handled. I had been doing so well. We both had. So I figured this weekend would be a breeze. I don't know why I thought that because nothing about this is or ever will be easy. I'll probably always have to think a little more about what I eat, but that's OK. It's not some weird limitation or some flaw about me. It just is what it is and lots of people have the same issue.

So I'm just pushing forward and doing the best I can.