Healthy Life Journal: Week 16

This is a savory waffle, you guys. I made about 40 waffles during one of my meal prep sessions.

This is a savory waffle, you guys. I made about 40 waffles during one of my meal prep sessions.

So I've made it to week 16, y'all. Actually, we've made it because Mr. T is still alongside me. And we've made it through one holiday and we're going into another holiday.

I don't feel as nervous about Christmas Eve as I did about Thanksgiving Day. Partially because we've figured out how to make a few tasty treats that are better for us (I'll share more about that later) and because we're hosting Christmas.

This weekend we're going to Ohio to do Christmas with Mr. T's family. It's literally like the move Four Christmases. I'm super excited, but also a little nervous because there's so much food and yummy things. But everyone in his family is so supportive so I think it will be fine. And I also feel that since we've managed to travel and have birthdays and have so many treat weekends that indulging a little won't be such a bad thing. Just as long as I stay within my limits. And get back on track next week.

I'm super proud of Mr. T and me this week. We had to put off baking and making treats until this week. Normally we would have scarfed half of what we made and ordered out every single night. In fact, Mr. T noticed on a string of texts from two years ago on his Time Hop. We were still in Brooklyn then and we were baking and making Christmas gifts and he had to run a few errands. On his way home he stopped at Checkers to get us some food. I had a bacon cheeseburger and fries.

Fast forward to this week and I made cauliflower rancheros and yummy pasta. With veggies on the side. I cooked AND we still baked.

I'm also working meal prep and snack prep into my weekly schedule. I want to do this so it's harder to get off track, but also to help so we don't get too bored with food. It's also way more cost effective to make things from scratch.

I've noticed a big thing lately. We're so much more dedicated to all of this. We set rules and parameters and as things have come up we've sat down and talked about it. We haven't just plowed through everything without thinking it through or without a care. We're actually being conscious about things. That's huge. That's such a big part about why we weren't successful before.

And we've stopped being lazy. Not just about food and our diet, but just about things in general.

And all of this makes me feel really good. I feel really proud. But most of all, it makes me believe in us. And I think that's part of what kept me from not doing it for so long. Laziness and the lack of belief that I could actually do it.