Healthy Life Journal: Week 14 & 15

I swear I will get back to writing these posts once a week. Actually, my plan is to get back to posting on this blog regularly. I really miss it and I have big plans for next year.

But let me get to the point. We've finished week 14 and week 15, you guys! I cannot believe it. Sometimes it even seems weird to me to still think about it as a lifestyle change because it feel pretty normal for the most part.

I'm still down 40 pounds. I feel discouraged that I'm kind of stuck here. But, then again, I haven't really been working as hard as I should be so I should be happy that I haven't fallen off the wagon.

I haven't wanted to share this because I've been embarrassed, but I seriously don't know the last time Mr. T and I worked out. I've been trying to hit my steps most days. But working out hasn't been happening.

In my defense, we did hit a huge snag. Mr. T has terrible allergies and asthma. And they never really bothered him in NYC. Well, the Midwest is totally different. And with the harvest time it's been horrible on him. He has an appointment with the allergist (one that's been rescheduled). We also ordered new equipment and out still waiting for them to send us the part we need. It's been going on two months or so.

But, even as I type that, I know that's none of that is an excuse. I can still find ways to work out. I've just been lazy about it. I'm not quite sure how to rectify that just yet other than to not be lazy, but working out has always been my nemesis. So maybe admitting it out loud will get my ass in gear.

I survived my first holiday as a healthy(ier) vegetarian. And I did pretty damn good. I didn't even gain a pound.

It's been hard though. I brought a few sides to Thanksgiving so I would have more to eat. And it was a little hard going without the things that I'm used to. Though it was a little easier than I thought purely because I eat a lot less than I did before. And that fact that I am listening to my body more than I was before. I did let myself indulge in some pie (OK, OK, two pieces of pie). And Mama C graciously found a way to recreate my Grandmother's beloved cheeseball without using cream cheese. Who knew that Greek yogurt and ricotta cheese would make such a tasty combination.

I also totally ruined my diet with Mama C's birthday cupcakes. They're Mr. T's specialty - French toast cupcakes with maple buttercream. The only thing we changed in the recipe was using Greek yogurt instead of sour cream which actually make the cake so much better. But there was lots of sugar and lots of butter and I gobbled up every last bite. Some things are just worth blowing your diet over (and I'm slowly learning what those things are and how to not overdo it).

I've already started to dread Christmas. I don't mean to sound spoiled at all. But it's my most favorite time of year. And part of what I love about it is all of the traditions I've done from year to year. Some of them that I've done since I was a kit. And all of the flavors and recipes that are a tradition. I've found a lot of these things just don't fit into my lifestyle anymore and it's been harder than I thought. I mean, who knew that something like hot cocoa mix and white chocolate were so bad for you? Then again, I guess that's why I'm here, right? I never worried about this stuff before.

But Mr. T and I have decided to bake this weekend and we're adjusting some recipes to fit our lifestyle and making some new things that work with what we're trying to do. We're also trying to figure out what worth a little cheat and what we should just pass on. Thank you baby Jesus that I can make my homemade Chex mix.

All in all, I feel really good. I know that I often complain about all of the hard parts about all of this. There are hard parts, lots of them. And I feel it's important to air them out. But I am so proud of myself. I'm so much happier with myself. I feel pretty. I feel good. And it's so nice to put on clothes and have them fit. Most of all, it feels good to just feel healthier inside and out.

And I've thought of a pretty clever idea for some of my old clothes. So I'm super excited about that. (I'm not ready to share that just yet).

More than anything I've shown myself that I can do this. That doing this whole healthier life thing is a challenge, but it's not scary and it's not something that I'm unable to do. And I think that's a pretty big hurdle to overcome.