Happy Holidays!

Happy holidays, you guys!

I am so excited about Christmas this year. Partially because we are NOT stuck in a dorm room this year. And also because we get to host Christmas this year. I've waited all of my adult life to host Christmas for my family. I'm also looking forward to waking up in our home on Christmas morning. In all of my entire adult life, including the years Mr. T and I have been together, that's never happened.

So, I'm taking a break. I'm that crazy lady that has to clean and decorate and prep every inch of our home for company. And there's baking. And there's cooking. I also just want to be present and enjoy my time with my family.

I'll be back on Dec 27 with a new entry in my Healthy Life Journal.

And I wish everyone a wonderful holiday filled with love, joy, and all of the yummy treat.s

I so wish we had the pups in this picture.

I so wish we had the pups in this picture.