Happy Friday: May 27


Happy Friday ImageThis week, you guys. This. Week. I can't even.

It's been rough. I mean, most of it has been from good things. But I don't think I have been this frustrated and overwhelmed in a really long time. And the funny thing is, I almost always thing I'm running around like a crazy lady.

So most of my negatives this week stem around feelings. Which actually made me think -- lots of bad things truly are from perspective. It's how you FEEL about something, not necessarily the reality of how it is. I don't know how to tell the difference or if there even is a way or if it even matters (because it's OK to feel really crappy sometimes, ya know?), but I think that's a pretty important thing here.

Anyway, let's chat, shall we?

Something negative: I didn't plan my week. And it's made me a total crazy lady.

Something positive: I didn't plan my week because I had three orders and then another for twelve garlands. AND we got a new puppy. AND we're watching mama C's dog. In other words, it's not because of some failure on my part, it's just life. Oh, and I also have a really encouraging life partner who tries to tell me (no matter how much I yell at him) that it will all be OK without a plan. So there's that.

Something negative: There just wasn't enough hours in the day. I felt stretched so thin. And just wanted to get back into bed and crawl under the covers nearly every day.

Something positive: This week was crazy for a good reason! I had the best week ever in my shop. I had the most sales, the most inquiries about items, and a really HUGE sale that I am still working on. We also just bought a new puppy. And I was coming off of a really fun weekend with a dear friend that I haven't seen in a while.

So, maybe there's nothing really negative at all here.

Side note: I also learned I need to get better at prioritizing things on my schedule so I know what can wait when life throws all of the curve balls at me. So there's that.

Something negative: Mr. T and I fought a lot. And I cried a lot.

Something positive: That's what married people do, y'all. They fight and stuff. Plus it's the start of summer which means Mr. T is around more so we'll likely want to murder each other more than we usually do. And I am married to someone who wants to figure shit out with me. How awesome is that?

Something negative: I felt like I was failing miserably with everything not shop related. And then I felt like I fail at so many things.

Something positive: I don't honestly know how to combat this, you guys. Failure is something that I feel daily. But all I can do is remind my stuff of all of the things I'm not good at and all of the people who I have in my corner cheering me on. Then I feel better.

Happy Friday 5-27

But I did notice so many themes this week. One major one: I need to cut myself some damn slack. So I'm going to work on that.

AND, before I end this post, I kind of forgot that today is my one year anniversary in the Midwest. Yep, exactly one year ago we packed up a rental SUV with all of the stuff that we could fit (that didn't go with the movers) and drove to the Midwest.

I still remember that day. The exact feeling I had. It's so weird.

I honestly had no idea that a year later we'd be in a house that we own with two lil' pups and that I'd be at the end of my best week ever in the shop.

Life is crazy and full of surprises.

So tell me about your week! Give me the good, the bad, and the ugly!