Happy Friday: May 20

Happy Friday ImageI kind of feel like a fraud with this whole Happy Friday thing. It started with well intentions -- as an attempt to remind to of the good things and learn to appreciate them more. But a few weeks in and, honestly, it's not working. For the past few weeks I've just wanted to get something up on the blog. So I took out my phone, looked for some pics, and wrote about it. I also added in some other random things I thought about while I was writing the post. And then I moved on about my day.

But that's totally not the point of Happy Fridays. And I don't always have pictures about what's good about my week.

I wanted to reflect on the week, realize the good things, and then start the weekend off on a happy note. But if all I'm doing is just writing about what's in my photo gallery, that's not really helping my cause.

And, I'll be totally honest here you guys, sometimes those posts feel incredibly fake. Life isn't all rainbows and butterflies. The sun does not shine out of my ass. And I've never wanted my blog to seem like that.

Side note: that's something that I struggle with as a lifestyle blogger. I feel pressure to always have it together. And that was something I never experienced as a dating blogger.

I want to be more transparent. I want to be real and honest about what life is like. That was the point of my blog to being with, hence the name. And after joining the #theimperfectboss campaign over on Instagram I realized that struggles are human and it's perfectly fine to admit that I don't have my shit together. I also realized that a lot of people have the exact same struggles I do.

So as an attempt to do what I set out to do with Happy Fridays (and the point of my babbling), I'm going to change things up a little.

Instead of listing out things that made me happy, I'm going to write the things that didn’t. And then I'm going to post something positive in its place.

I feel like recognizing the bad and then punching it in the face with something good is super powerful. It helps you to think about the positive, to realized that tomorrow is a new day and you can dust yourself off and start again. And it will definitely help to end the week on a high note.

So now I'm going to shut up and just get on with the damn thing already.

Something negative: This week I started working some hours at my old job. You know, the one that I quit to save my sanity. I have super mixed feelings about it, mostly bad. Because I feel like it says something about me or my shop.

Something positive: It's nice to have extra money for trips or just to spend or to save. They asked me to come back and it's not the same job at all, it's just a few part time hours to help out with various things. And it's nice to be able to go back to what's familiar. I know the job, the people, and so on.

Something negative: I didn't accomplish as many things as I wanted to this week. My to-do list was a hot mess.

Something positive: I had that huge order and we were out of town and I started working hours at a job this week. I still accomplished all of the basic things I needed to. And next week is a new week so I should probably give myself a break.

Something negative: The house has been a mess all week.

Something positive: I have a husband who's willing to jump in and help me with ALL of the housework. And the Queen of England isn't coming to visit anytime soon, so I think it's OK.

Join me, won't you?!? Leave a comment with one negative thing and share a positive thing too! Or write a post about it! I would love it so much!