Happy Friday: May 13

Happy Friday ImageHappy Friday, you guys! It's Friday the 13th. Those days always sneak up on me and I never know if I should be freaked out or worried or if the superstition just simply isn't true. Though I do know it's an excuse to watch scary movies. This week has been busy (I feel like I always say that. Sorry to be that girl!).

I'm conferencing with Mr. T. Well, technically Mr. T is conferencing and I'm just hanging out doing some work and life organization things.  If you never been to a medieval conference, I urge you to go. It's an experience. And, no, it's not a conference where people dress up and role play (I was seriously asked that this morning). It's an academic conference which means there's a lot of really smart people, lots of books, and lots of learning type things. There's also a dance which I went to last year.

Anyway, that's why this week was busy. But also because, life. So I should stop babbling and get to the things that made me happy this week.

first big order

I had my biggest sale ever. And, if you follow me over on Intstram, Twitter, or Facebook you already know that. But I just couldn't help but talk about it again because I am so proud and happy and excited. It was also a custom order so that's awesome too. I was so excited and nervous when I dropped it in the mail box. My creations are going to someone's house for a little girl's first birthday. So many people will see what I've made. It seriously is one of the best moments as a shop owner and I'm super excited for what's to come (it was also a nice thing after last week).

outside time

The weather has been crazy over the past few weeks. Cold. Rainy. More cold and rainy. So I was super excited to have a little time outside the other day when it was fairly nice. And lil' Brooklyn was quite content as well.

sloppy joes

I made these delicious sloppy joes. The recipe will be on the Holl & Lane blog so be on the look out.

Things I don't have pictures of:

Time with Mama C.

Mr. T officially finishing his first year of full time Professoring. I am so incredibly proud of that man.

Chats with my pals from Holl & Lane. Seriously, those gals make my whole day sometimes.

Mexican food just because.

And an awesome thunderstorm as I write this post. (I don't technically know if that's a thing that should make me happy, but I love storms. As long as they're not super violent.)

What made you happy this week?

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